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Aditya Pathak - The Malhaar Lounge
Aditya Pathak
The Malhaar Lounge
09:10 Min

Release Date: 22/08/2010
Language: Hindi
Publish Date: 13/06/2012

Genre: World / Fusion, New Age, Poetry / Spoken Word
The Malhaar Lounge - An attempt to represent the urban Indian experience of Rains.

If you've ever felt nice about the rains you'll like this one. If you've ever felt like having pakodas in the rains, if you've ever got stuck in a bad traffic-jam during rains - you'll LOVE this one. Here's a different perspective to look at the monsoon!!

The lyrics are from an impromptu poem written during one of the downpours. It's a musical and poetic hymn to the rain-gods .. who never discriminate amongst various beings ..and drench everyone equally in the same downpour :)

Lyrics: Shashi
Female Vocals: Arunima
Male Vocals: Aditya
Music: Aditya

Website: www.adityapathak.net
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/adityapathakcreations
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/adityapathakutube
Photographer: Aditya Pathak Creations | Designer: Aditya Pathak Creations | Aditya Pathak Creations
Press Release
Band Members: Aditya Pathak, Arunima
Lyrics: Shashi
Music Producer: Aditya Pathak
Melody / Composer: Aditya Pathak
Arrangement: Aditya Pathak
Recording Studio: Aditya Pathak's studio
Mix: Aditya Pathak
Mastering: Aditya Pathak
Photography: Aditya Pathak
External Link / URL: http://adityapathak.net/
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