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Project YUJ - Luki - Cover Version
Project YUJ
Luki - Cover Version
04:28 Min

Release Date: 31/10/2012
Language: Instrumental
Publish Date: 31/10/2012

Genre: World / Fusion

This is the clarion call of Project YUJ, India’s newest genre-defying “fusion” ensemble. Yuj, a Sanskrit word that means to join or to concentrate, is indicative of the group’s manifesto — to bring out and fuse its multitude of influences into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. The group members’ diverse musical backgrounds and formidable chops allow for flights of improvisational freedom and virtuosity while still maintaining accessibility and musicality.

“At present, there are not many groups in India, and South India specifically, that are really trying to improvise and authentically fuse all of these disparate styles while staying true to the vital aspects of each,” said Prakash Hariharan, the group’s electric mandolin player. “We want to honor the musicality of these styles and at the same time look beyond the confines of a genre to create something new, original and accessible. This isn’t something that music fans in India have as much of locally, and we are thrilled to move forward and start offering it.”
Photographer: Narayan Natrajan | Designer: Deepika Chandrasekaran | Project YUJ - The Band
Band Members: Prakash Hariharan, Aalaap Raju, Leon James, Jeoraj George
Melody / Composer: John Mclaughlin
Arrangement: Project YUJ
Record Label: YUJ Entertainment
Recording Studio: Voice & Vision
Mix: Sanuj
Mastering: Sanuj
Cover Design: Deepika Chandrasekaran
Photography: Narayan Natrajan
External Link / URL: http://www.facebook.com/projectyuj
External Link / URL: http://www.soundcloud.com/projectyuj
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