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Public Issue - Break the Silence
Public Issue
Break the Silence
04:34 Min

Language: English
Publish Date: 23/04/2012

Genre: Rock, Other
Break the silence is a song that addresses child abuse, and encourages victims of child abuse to speak out, and not let what happened haunt them. To let themselves be heard, so they can "break the silence and save another"
Designer: Nipun Nair | Public Issue
Band Members: Nipun Nair, Christopher Stanley, Tiburtius V Rubin, Vinay Ramakrishnan
Music Producer: Nipun Nair, Tiburtius V Rubin
Melody / Composer: Christopher Stanley, Nipun Nair, Tiburtius V Rubin, Vinay Ramakrishnan
Arrangement: Nipun Nair
Recording Studio: Nipun Nair Productions
Mix: Tiburtius V Rubin
Mastering: Tiburtius V Rubin
Cover Design: Nipun Nair
Photography: Rahul Ganpat
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