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Abiogenesis - Voices In Kisama
Voices In Kisama
03:50 Min

Language: Instrumental
Publish Date: 20/12/2012

Genre: World / Fusion

Previously Released
Abiogenesis is a folk-fusion act that hails from Nagaland, India. It’s no surprise then that their sound can be exotic.
Abiogenesis reinvented version of folk music is called “Howey Music.” Blending classical Naga folk elements from India and modern music, the result is offbeat, unique, and completely enchanting.
Supporting their new style of music, and enhancing the cleverly-shifting melodies of the modern guitar compositions, is the addition of the newly invented Bamhum. That instrument is the brainchild of Abiogenesis’ Moa Subong. The Bamhum’s eerie lingering tones bring an otherworldly quality to the band’s sound and highlights the group’s fresh take on a classic genre.
The band's action-packed shows and positive do-or-die attitude are already getting increasing notice around the globe. Abiogenesis has performed in five countries: India,Thailand , Russia, Bhutan and Myanmar. They have performed for the Royal family at the Indian Embassy, Thimpu, Bhutan on Indian Independence Day 2011.
Abiogenesis is empanelled by Indian Council For Cultural Relations (ICCR), Ministry Of External Affairs, Govt, of India and they can sponsor the bands return fare to any country if requested to them.

1.. 'Aeon Spell' released through Saregama in June 2007 ..
(Listed for nomination in the 50th Grammy Awards in the Best Contemporary World
Music album of the Year )
2. ‘Rustic Relish’ released through their indie label APH Records.
3. Slice of Heaven also released through its indie label APH Records.
4. Legacy Of The Mountains- Released through Mondo Tunes and available at 750 sites worldwide.
Band Members:
Arenla: Vocals / Lead Bamhum.
Moa : Guitar/Bamhum/Harmonica
Lanu : Bass.
Imli : Drums/Percussions
Music: www.soundcloud.com/abiogenesis
New album: www.soundcloud.com/abiogenesis-demo
Videoss at: www.youtube.com/abiogenesis88
Bands website: www.abiogenesis.altpro.net
Moa Subong cell: 0091 9436003009
Email: abiogenesis@rediffmail.com
Snail Mail: Mamias Bliss, 6, Angami Khel, Nuton Bosti, Dimapur-797113, Nagaland, India
Photographer: Roy | Backstage in Goa
Press Release
Band Members: Arenla-Vocals/Bamhum, Moa-Guitar/Harmonica/Bamhum, Imli,-Drums/Percussions, Lanu-Bass
Lyrics: Instrumental
Music Producer: Moa Subong
Melody / Composer: Moa Subong
Arrangement: Moa Subong
Record Label: Indie
Recording Studio: Soul Speak Studio
Mix: Moa Subong
Mastering: Soul Speak Studio
Cover Design: Akum Subong
Photography: Akum Subong
External Link / URL: http://www.soundcloud.com/abiogenesis
External Link / URL: http://www.abiogenesis.altpro.net
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