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Anthony Daasan - Kumuli
Anthony Daasan
03:39 Min

Language: Tamil
Publish Date: 14/01/2013

Genre: Folk, Dance

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Anthony Daasan - Thirty five-year-old folk artiste from Reddypalayam, a small town in Tanjore, whos a Singer & Performer for the Folk group - "Anthonyin party" , He also dances on stage, acts, juggles, does acrobatics and even plays a few instruments
Anthony Daasan had been a folk artiste ever since he could walk, it was in his family. Anthony Travels & Performs with his Band - "Anthonyin party" which has achievements on the song and dance synthesis. The fun furnished by the Folk music of Tamil Nadu is hard to neglect. The Group brings Tamil folk songs out of their rural moorings and presents them to urban audiences that grew up on a different music diet. It manages to pull off this musical coup by layering these songs with electronic sounds.

Anthony daasan and a throng of traditionally-dressed performers conjure up images of the flowing Vaigai and Poigai rivers and of rich rice harvests brought into the granaries in carts.

Samuel Gunashekar on the drums and Sajith satya on the bass guitar — symbolically, in the background — give the distinctively Tamil sounds a new depth without threatening to overpower them.

More than a band, "AnthonyIn Party" is a platform for folk music that is continuously exploring indigenous and traditional forms of art. Traditional styles of music gave birth to many new expressions, but the original remained deeply ingrained in the culture and people of its area. Designing different kinds of collaborations between folk forms and musicians, it Anthony’s vision to bring the rustic folk styles and the experimental contemporary styles together.
Every show is a new project for band. We have folk musicians coming from different parts of Tamil Nadu who collaborate with contemporary and urban musicians.
Band Members: Anthony Daasan , Sajith Satya, Samuel Gunashekar, Folk Artists
Music Producer: Anthony Daasan
Melody / Composer: Anthony Daasan
Arrangement: Anthony Daasan
External Link / URL: http://www.soundcloud.com/anthony-daasan
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