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Emergence - So Full
So Full
05:43 Min

Language: Tamil
Publish Date: 12/12/2011

Genre: Jazz, Pop
What do you get, when a travelling Englishman falls in love with the idea of India, decides to stay back and explore self sustainability through music?
What do you get, when one of the top bassists of France, who's played with the likes of Ray Charles, decides to let go of a hectic touring schedule, come settle in the tiny town Pondicherry and learn Indian classical music?
And what do you get, when a highly trained Carnatic Classical violinist who's traveled the world around and played for the likes of Oscar winner A.R.Rahman, decides to break off from his roots and explore music on his own terms?
While exploring Indian philosophy and a life close to nature, the musical context has harmonic textures of guitar and poignant lyrics that blend with sublime Tamil classical melodies sung and played on violin. This, backed by the expressive grooves of rock, funk and ethnic rhythms and an explosive style of fretless and six-string bass is the unique fusion that is Emergence.
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