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Bombay Bandook - Ginti
Bombay Bandook
07:37 Min

Release Date: 04/03/2016
Language: Hindi
Publish Date: 15/03/2017

Genre: Rock, Indian Classical - Light, World / Fusion
Based on Raag Charukeshi, this raag originated in Carnatic Music and was later adapted into Hindustani Classical Music. As a band all of us have a strong love for Indian Classical Music. Ginti is our first step into fusing classical elements into more modern sounds such as those of jazz and progressive rock and metal. We have done this using Raag Charukeshi, a beautiful night time raag belonging to the Bhairav Thaat. Though, this track is based on Charukeshi, it does not strictly follow the norms of Indian Classical Music, in the sense that we have tried to make it our own.

Sapno ki taadat ginte ginte
Ginti roothi
Gin gin kar saari ginti choot gayi

In bandh palko ki mehfil mein jhaankh kar
Dekha toh ek paheli phoot gayi

Ye man adhrishya hai andekha wo hai nahi

Ambar ki chaadar ko oodh
Samandar pe sota jabki wo baitha yahin

Man Tu kahan hai Tu kahan
Hai nahi

Sapno ki taadat Ginte ginte Ginti roothi
Gin gin kar saari Ginti rooth gayi

Ye lat hai is jaan ki
Ye bhook hai insaan ki
Sab bhoole kyu bhoole

Ye bhook hai pehchan ki
Wo chook hai insaan ki
Kartoote sab choote man tittar bittar ho jaye

Sirf aag hai is jaan ki Jo raakh hi pehchanegi

Man khaakh khaakh mitti choo
Band Members: Sannidh, Brijesh, Jai, Chirag Jagravi, Anuraag
Lyrics: Brijesh Joshi
Music Producer: Bombay Bandook
Melody / Composer: Bombay Bandook
Arrangement: Bombay Bandook
Recording Studio: That Studio
Mix: Tushar Lal
Mastering: Tushar Lal
Cover Design: Bombay Bandook
Photography: Ritvik Tyagi
Marketing: Bombay Bandook
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