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Puneet Samtani - Hysteria
Puneet Samtani
02:16 Min

Release Date: 13/06/2018
Language: English
Publish Date: 20/06/2018

Genre: Electronica, Ambient , Poetry / Spoken Word
Hysteria is a track which uses spoken word to depict the turn of events in one's head.

It marks the first phase of my new EP 'PHASED' and is the first of our 5 track journey into human emotions.

PHASED is a compilation of 5 eclectic tracks. This short EP attempts to explore the different emotions and stages that one goes through in their journey of life and love.
Band Members: Suprita Mitter
Lyrics: Puneet Samtani
Music Producer: Puneet Samtani
Melody / Composer: Puneet Samtani
Arrangement: Aditya Paudwal
Mix: Puneet Samtani
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