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TaTvA Kundalini - Vande Mataram
TaTvA Kundalini
Vande Mataram
03:42 Min

Release Date: 15/08/2012
Language: Hindi
Publish Date: 13/08/2012

Genre: Electronica, New Age, Rock
Azaad - E - Freedom (Hindi), essentially means freedom in Hindi and signifies the same through free thought and expression by the means of performing arts.

Azaad-E is a movement which started 5 years ago on 15th Aug 2007 when Vol I released launching Chill Om As a Record label.

Azaad-E Vol II sees the same spirit of Indie music wherein 10 music architects from different parts of the world, united in their approach.. come together on the occasion of India's 60th year of Indian independence.

To follow with blindfolded eyes is a thing of the past...its the age of new progressive wave towards an independent and truly developing India in all spheres of life and organic existence in this material world.

Azaad - E - We Don't Follow, We Lead!

Vande Mataram Free Download on Azaad E. Vol II available starting midnight 15th August 2012.

Azaad E. Vol II is a special collaboration between Tatva Kundalini (Chill Om) and Business Class Refugees (EarthSync) bringing together World Music and DJ mixes.

Track List:
1. Smile- Chi Project, Chill Om Records
2. Desert Dreams- Robert B, Chill Om Records
3. Strings With No Ends- Mysterious Duality, Earthsync
4. Rain Buddha- Laya Project, Earthsync
5. Heer- Kartick & Gotam, Earthsync
6. Lindia- Surbahar, Chill Om Records
7. Seraphim Tones- Business Class Refugees, Earthsync
8. Red Lights- The Incredible Mindfunk, Chill Om Records
9. Dreams- The Glow Worm Project, Chill Om Records
10 Vande Mataram- TaTvA Kundalini, FREE DOWNLOAD

Arrangement: TaTvA Kundalini
Record Label: Chill Om Records
Recording Studio: Chill Om Studi0
Mix: TaTvA Kundalini
Mastering: Chill Om Studios
Photography: Vivek Singh
Marketing: Chill Om
Distibution Company: Total Wipes
External Link / URL: http://www.chillomrecordsindia.com/store#shop/azaadevoliivariousartists
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