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Kambhir Khan - Kesariya
Kambhir Khan
15:44 Min

Language: Instrumental
Publish Date: 12/09/2012

Genre: Folk
Kambhir Khan and Lal Khan belong to the Manganiyar community native to the Barmer region of Rajasthan. They play the Murli (also known as Been or Poongi) which is an instrument commonly associated with the members of the society that are involved with catching and keeping snakes like the Kalbelias and the Saperas. They too traditionally are snake charmers but in the present times play at social celebrations and are rewarded for their performances with gifts, agricultural yield and money, in consonance with a social law created almost five centuries ago.

Suranda is used as a melodic accompaniment to Murli and a Dholak is employed as well, in performances that can be classified as semi-classical and customarily comprise of Rajasthani folk tunes. Crafted out of a rotund, wild fruit known as the Tumbdo, the Murli features a wide pipe at one end and two narrow pipes on the other. The Murli can simultaneously create a root, melody and rhythm and this incredible aspect makes it one of the most distinct musical instruments in the world. Its rich, penetrating sounds are produced by blowing through the wider pipe and controlling the flow by tapping the holes on the pair of narrow pipes on the other end.

The instrument has a uniquely shrill tonal quality that is incisive and unabashedly seductive, therefore it is not surprising that legend has it that the mesmerizing sounds of Murli if played out by a true master have the power to awaken and allure mythological serpents into being.
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