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Release Date: 29/04/2012
Language: English
Publish Date: 27/08/2012

Genre: Rock

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We live in a world of DUALITY. Wherever you go, whatever you do, ‘Duality’ surrounds you. Every aspect of life is ‘dualistic’ in nature…Morning/ Night, Good/ Evil, War/ Peace, Sunrise/ Sunset, Sugar/ Spice, Male/ Female. And so on. But the beauty of nature is how its dual forces co-exist with each other and is incomplete without the other. It is this thought that brought together the concept for the band ‘DUALITY’.

The band comprising of 2 members are both ‘Dualistic’ in nature, have completely different backgrounds, philosophies and points of view. But, the one thing that draws them both to inspire and collaborate is Music! DUALITY is Manoj Sreekumar and Mihir Ranganathan, 2 guys with one huge passion- Music!

A resident of Chennai with roots from Kerala, Manoj is a self-taught Guitarist who has played with several rock bands including Metal Trust Inc. and Episode 3. Completing his MBA, he had successful stints in the Automobile and the Banking & Financial Services Industry. Realising that he had had enough of the corporate world, Manoj set out to follow his true passion- Music & Art. Today, he is a writer, conducts and organizes events, occasionally dabbles in art and is a full time musician. Manoj loves watching documentaries and movies, enjoys graphic novels and comics, and loves collecting stamps and coins. His musical preferences include classic rock and pop, jazz, instrumental music and golden bollywood melodies.

A resident of Chennai with Tamil, Konkani and Maharashtrian roots, Mihir has been trained in Carnatic Violin and has learnt Guitar from a master. An advertising professional with an interest in music, art and food, Mihir spends his spare time overdosing on music, trying out food and sketching. A ‘soft’ corner for heavy music and its subgenres doesn’t prevent him from enjoying the classics and popular hits from the 80s and 90s. In DUALITY, with his band mate Manoj, he finds an opportunity to pay tribute to his influences, test musical ideas and most importantly evolve as a musician and performing artist.

DUALITY presents their music in an acoustic setting through Guitars and Vocals. Their ‘live’ performances consist of a mix of their originals as well as covers interpreted in their style. Formed in Feb 2011, they have already performed successful gigs at several prestigious venues .Their unique concept and sound make them an ideal musical outfit for corporates and events when they have a musical requirement and DUALITY is always ready to satisfy this need.
Photographer: Srinath R.S. | Designer: Srinath R.S. | DUALITY- The Band.
I. I had it all.
Pride. Before my fall.
White lies...is now Black truth.
Fury...ravaged my youth.
So this is how it will be.
'Cos it's who i choose to be.

They call me Crusader. I'm the Man in Black.
Cower in fear as i lunge to attack.
I hunt from the shadows. Sinners beware!
Don't look back! I am your worst Nightmare!

I. I see the light.
Get out of my way, or stand and fight!
My fears..i face every night.
My weakness? It ain't Kryptonite!
This is my release.
And i do just as I please.

There's 2 sides to me that you won't understand.
Don't get me wrong. Don't take a stand.
The one that you see is not who I am.
The one that you can't, is the real man.
Now I know that lunacy is a way of life.
Angels and Demons are with whom I fight!
After all these years of battles and strife..
Which is my Jekyll and which is my Hyde?

1st Guitar Solo- Mihir.
2nd Guitar Solo- Manoj.

They call me Crusader. I'm the Man in Black.
Cower in fear as I lunge to attack.
I hunt from the shadows. Sinners beware!
Don't look back! I am the..
Crusader! Man in Black!
This is the end, there is no turning back.
I hunt from the shadows. Sinners beware!
Don't look back! I am the nightmare!
Your worst Nightmare.
Band Members: Manoj Sreekumar, Mihir Ranganathan
Lyrics: Manoj Sreekumar, Mihir Ranganathan
Music Producer: Manoj Sreekumar, Mihir Ranganathan
Melody / Composer: Manoj Sreekumar, Mihir Ranganathan
Arrangement: Manoj Sreekumar
Record Label: Unsigned
Recording Studio: Digi Sound Studio
Mix: Baba L. Prasad
Mastering: Baba L. Prasad
Photography: Srinath R.S.
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