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The Mangalz - Naqaab
The Mangalz
06:05 Min

Language: Hindi
Publish Date: 16/05/2012

Genre: Rock
The Song is about a Person Searching Himself Within....

Aaeene mein khud ko naa dhundo
Parchaai toh bas ek khwab hai
Yeh Chehra ek Naqaab hai
Mera chehra ek naqaab hai


"The Mangalz Signifying the Power and Ferocity of planet MARS"

The Mangalz is a 5 piece member band with a calling about standing out against the Day to Day social injustice and Malice of which everyone is ‘accustomed’ to. ‘Corruption’ a single word which rules the entire scenario of our states and blindfolds our inner eye to see the humanity within ourself. We as ‘The Mangalz’ want to spread this news of uprising and revolution within ourselves through the words of our music.

The Mangalz is a distant call of ‘aggression’ and ‘confusion’ residing in ‘You’. The Mangalz promises to take you to that nirvana where you know nothing but everything!!!
So here goes the story.......
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Koi Jaane Na
Koi Maane Na
Mere Iraade
Koi Pehchaane Na

Seene Mein Hai Aisi Jalan
Kar Na Sakun Isko Khatam

Main Jism Hun
Par Rooh Nahin
Nazuuk Hasi,
Tu Rehna Mujhse Duur Zara

Aisi Raaton Mein Jab
Tum Sunoh Cheekhein
Toh Samjho Ki Andherein Mein
Koi Pyaasa Hai

Main Pyaas Hun
Pyaasa Nahin
Gum Ho Chuka
Maalik Tu Mujhko
Aa Bacha...!!!'

In Deewaron Mein
Jaane Main Kya Dhundu
Apne Aap Se Na Jaane
Main Kya Poonchu

Main Kahoon
"Naam Hai Kya?"
Band Members: X'zing, Haggai, Daarjey, Baba, Sachin
Lyrics: X'zing
Music Producer: The Mangalz
Melody / Composer: The Mangalz
Arrangement: The Mangalz
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