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Saffron N Joe - O Re Majhi
Saffron N Joe
O Re Majhi
02:40 Min

Language: Hindi
Publish Date: 21/01/2013

Genre: New Age
It is an old Folk Song used in the film "Bandini". We have reinvented the song by adding a hindustani classical touch blending it with a rock feel!
O Re Majhi

Mere Saajan Hain Uss Paar
Main Manmaar, Hoon Iss Paar
O Mere Majhi Ab Ki Baar
Le Chal Paar...Le Chal Paar....
Mere Saajan Hain Uss Paar..........
Band Members: Subhankar, Ronkini, Arohi, Brince, Satyam & Conrad
Music Producer: Brince
Melody / Composer: S.D Burman
Arrangement: Ronkini & Brince
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