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Ranu Ghosh - Quarter Number 4/11
Ranu Ghosh
Quarter Number 4/11
69 min 18 sec

Language: Bengali
Publish Date: 28/09/2012

Genre: Documentary
“Quarter number 4/11” is a low angle, ground zero perspective of development, as seen by somebody who is being crushed under its weight. It is one man’s lone, long, losing fight to hold on to his ground where he was born, grew up and earned his living. It's the narrative of a man who is being forced to evacuate his ground to make space for ‘development’. 

Shambhu Prasad Singh is a typical Indian "Common Man". Nobody would ever imagine him to be a "fighter".  His labour quarters looks like an anachronism in the midst of 35 story high towers that are coming up all around it. It is Calcutta’s prestigious South City Project – Eastern India’s largest mixed use real estate development in South Calcutta. Shambhu has thrown a challenge to the very forces that have been trying to displace him from his own ground.  

In the year 2003, Jay Engineering Works decided to sell off the property to a consortium of seven major real estate magnates.  In a desperate rush Jay Engineering workers were handed over meager compensations and thrown out of the premises. Shambhu and his 13 colleagues refused to take forced volunteer Retirement . They filed a court case demanding respectable compensation. 

They got a stay order from the court. The South City builders managed to evict Shambhu’s colleagues by force from their quarters but Shambhu held on to his ground and stayed there at the staff quarter number 4/11 with his family without electricity and water supply line.
Shambhu resist his eviction still 2008, 24 th December. Quarter no 4/11 no longer exits and that place become swimming pool.
He was continuing his court case facing no of odd situation but unfortunately on14 th January, 2011 Shambhu’s body has been found on the road side. Police were guessing it was a hit and run accident.

By following Shambhu Prasad’s narrative, Quarter Number 4/11 explores the injustice that is built into the fabric of the ‘successful’ city. The city is undermined by the pain, exploitation and loss which are built into its fabric, and which remain a constant threat even to its most soaring structures and glittering monuments of modernity.  
Producer: Streamline Stories
Cinematographer: Shambhu Prasad Singh and Ranu Ghosh
Record Label: Abhro Banerjee
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