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Sounak Kar - This is not funny
Sounak Kar
This is not funny
78 mins

Language: Bengali
Publish Date: 21/08/2013

Genre: Comedy, Docudrama / Docufiction
It is a road movie about two guys who have got job offers but do not want to join. They want to continue with film and music. And they have no option but to join the job within a month. Each of them decides to make their own masterpiece within a month so that they don't have to join. Its about their experience in the last month of their freedom in the city and thus how in this process they discover the city. It is a satire on modern Kolkata, exploring different parts and issues of the city and it does so in different styles of comedy.
Designer: Sounak Kar | Poster
Writer: Sourav Biswas, Sounak Kar, Rajorshi Bhattacharya, Joohi Akhtar Khan
Producer: Sounak Kar
Actors: Sourav Biswas, Sounak Kar, Rajorshi Bhattacharya, Joohi Akhtar Khan, Bhabani Das, Sayak Shome, Sagnik Bose
Cinematographer: Sounak Kar
Record Label: Sounak Kar
Music Composer: Rajorshi Bhattacharya, Shaurjya Banerjee, Sourav Biswas
Country: India
Subtitles: English
Original Film Format: HD
Locations shot: Kolkata
External Link / URL: http://facebook.com/sounaksfilms
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