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Nishtha Jain - Gulabi Gang
Nishtha Jain
Gulabi Gang
96 m

Release Date: 21/02/2014
Language: Hindi
Publish Date: 07/02/2014

Genre: Documentary, Biography, Social Awareness
In Bundelkhand, India, a revolution is in the making among the poorest of the poor, as Sampat Pal and the fiery women of her Gulabi Gang empower themselves and take up the fight against gender violence, caste oppression and widespread corruption.
Photographer: Torstein Grude | Gulabi Gang
Press Release
Writer: Nishtha Jain, Torstein Grude
Producer: Piraya Films, Raintree Films, Final Cut for real
Actors: Sampat Pal devi, Suman singh Chauhan, Hemlata Patel, Jaiprakash,
Cinematographer: Rakesh Haridas
Record Label: Arjun Gourisaria
Music Composer: Peter Scartabello
Country: Norway | India | Denmark
Subtitles: English
Original Film Format: Digital
Locations shot: Bundelkhand region, India
Awards / Nominations: Best Film, Muhr Asia/Africa Documentary, Dubai International Film Festival, 2012, First Amnesty International Human Rights Award, Tri-Continental Film Festival, South Africa 2013, Best Documentary, International Association of Women in Radio and Television (AIWRT) 2013
Distibution Company: Kudos Family Distribution, Recyclewala Films
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