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Ramakrishna D. - Children of the Republic - Case # 0000000001
Ramakrishna D.
Children of the Republic - Case # 0000000001
06 mins 04 secs

Release Date: 22/03/2013
Language: Tamil
Publish Date: 27/03/2013

Genre: Documentary, Society, Drugs
Santhosh Kumar, a 5th class student of a government school in Chennai, spends time collecting empty bottles for money and huffing correction fluid for recreation. His naïve encounters in the real world only reveal him to be ignorant and in need of help.

Children of the Republic is a series that provides a glimpse of the dark and dangerous path some of our youngsters have stumbled onto.
Producer: Ramakrishna D.
Actors: Santhosh Kumar, Surendar Kshatriya, Jacopo, Mariyappan, Ramakrishna D.
Cinematographer: Ramakrishna D.
Record Label: Ramakrishna D.
Country: India
Subtitles: English
Rating: R
Original Film Format: HDV 1080i
Locations shot: Chennai, India
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