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Arno Bitschy - Jazz
Arno Bitschy
40 mn

Release Date: 05/03/2017
Language: English
Publish Date: 25/10/2017

Genre: Documentary, Music Documentary, Society
In an America more divided than ever, Detroit, a ghostly city, offers the dark side of the American dream. In one of the many abandoned houses lives an old woman, Jazz.

She sings old pieces of Billie, sad love stories, fallen destinies, heartbreaking passions. On her porch she watches the passing of time, far from the chaos shaking her country. Her ritual is immutable, every Thursday she finds her friends in a jazz club and she sings, her broken path radiates.

After the resilience and portrayal of the people of Detroit for his city, Jarring Effects presents one of his wandering souls, Jazz aka DJ Vacations.

A forgotten destiny that finally deserved to be brought to light.
Producer: Jarring Effects Label
Country: USA
Subtitles: French
Office release date: 5/03/2017
Locations shot: Detroit
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