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IndiEarth implements strict copyright and other intellectual property rights protection policies to ensure this platform always stays a legitimate and safe place for the creative works of musicians and filmmakers.

IndiEarth – Content Use Declaration

Please be aware that this is a legally binding agreement. Please read it carefully. If you do not agree to its terms, please do not use the IndiEarth Website.

1. I am about to access IndiEarth’s Media area which will allow Me to browse Music Content and/or Film Content submitted to IndiEarth by IndiEarth Artists and I therefore hereby declare in respect of such Music Content and/or Film Content that:

a. I am over the age of 18.

b. I agree to be bound by the Terms of Use of IndiEarth and agree that they shall apply to My use of IndiEarth including receipt of IndiEarth Services in general and Content Use Services in particular.

c. Any information given by Me is true and accurate.

d. I have the full right and authority to enter into this agreement.

e. I acknowledge and agree that all rights in Music Content and/or Film Content are the property of the relevant IndiEarth Artist’s or persons or entities on behalf of which they are operating.

f. My use of Music Content and Film Content shall be in accordance with the Rights of Use as set out in IndiEarth’s Terms of Use.

g. I understand that the rights granted to me in Music Content and/or Film Content contained in IndiEarth’s Media area, are limited to a non-exclusive license to download and/or stream such Music Content and/or Film Content, whether via IndiEarth or via a personal device enabling such use and that, for personal appraisal and reviewing purposes only. In any event, should I wish to play such Music Content and/or Film Content I am required to contact the relevant IndiEarth Artist for the relevant license. I am aware that View Track pages within IndiEarth Media area enable sending messages to IndiEarth Artists.

h. I agree not to modify, create derivative works from, or otherwise use any Music Content and Film Content other than as allowed herein.

i. I agree that EarthSync may use the names, trademarks, pictures and other material relating to me and/or the media entity registered by me as a IndiEarth Media User, in any promotional and/or marketing materials for IndiEarth and its services and/or for exposure on IndiEarth.

j. I understand that the purpose of IndiEarth is to be a meeting place in which independent Music and Film Content is introduced to media and that as such, IndiEarth does not place any responsibility whatsoever on EarthSync for any matter emanating from interactions between Music Content, Film Content, IndiEarth Artists and IndiEarth Media. I am solely responsible for any such interactions and their outcomes. I am aware that any rights other than those specifically granted herein granted to IndiEarth Media may be subject to payment of public performance royalties to copyright collecting societies for public performance/copying of such Music Content and Film Content. It is my responsibly as a IndiEarth Media member to contact the relevant IndiEarth Artists for the relevant license.

2. I agree that EarthSync may modify or amend this Content Use Declaration at any time.

I have read and I agree to the IndiEarth IP Policy and the Terms of Use.
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