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KAYA - Rudderless (preview)
Rudderless (preview)
11:38 Min

Release Date: 24/09/2013
Language: English
Publish Date: 24/10/2013

Genre: Poetry / Spoken Word, Electronica, Other
An effort to marry poetry and acoustic instruments with the infinite sonic palette of electronic instruments and textures; always keeping the nature of the performance live, animate, organic.

Reflections from an intrinsically Indian urban existence.

Arati Rao (vocals)
Aman Mahajan (keyboard, drum pads, laptop)
Maarten Visser (saxophones)
Wilfred Demoz (drums)

words and music by Arati Rao
arranged and produced by Aman Mahajan
Arati Rao (voice)
I can see you’re going blind
You can’t see he’s lost his mind
I can see that probably
You’ll cry for help, reluctantly.

He tied you up, he’ll tie you down
He’ll drag you in, into the ground.
He tied you up, he’ll tie you down
He’ll drag you in, into the ground.

There’s a hole...
In that boat...
You can’t mend it...
Can you float?

Going down, down, down, down
down down deep.

He’ll stop at nothing, can’t you see?
Pirates they plunder relentlessly.
You never wanted, never tried
To rock that boat from side to side.


(vocal sample: Dylan Thomas)
“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

(spoken verse)
Evil... Evil doesn’t go slowly into the night – it rages against the rising of the light. The good poet said the incarnate devil is a talking snake – He talks “in shapes of sin forked out” – Oh Captain, you steer a rudderless boat. Sweet Captain, he’s got you by the throat, I watch you – helpless – utterly, as he drains you... slowly, shamelessly. He’ll self destruct, typically. Destroy you too, inevitably. Oh Captain, you’ll drown... eventually. I wish you’d fight him fearlessly. Coz Captain... then you wouldn’t be... far gone, completely... oh Captain! You’re at sea!

Band Members: Arati Rao (vocals), Aman Mahajan (keyboard, drum pads, laptop), Wilfred Demoz (drums), Maarten Visser (saxophone)
Lyrics: Arati Rao
Music Producer: Aman Mahajan
Melody / Composer: Arati Rao
Arrangement: Aman Mahajan
Mix: Aman Mahajan
Photography: video by Vandana Menon
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