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Ernest Hariyanto - Voice Over the Bridge
Ernest Hariyanto
Voice Over the Bridge
24 mins

Release Date: 31/08/2009
Language: Other
Publish Date: 20/12/2011

Genre: Music Documentary, Art / Artists

Previously Released
The Great Songs praising the King were first heard in the ancient 13th century
kingdoms of Myanmar (Burma). Centuries later, Khing Zin Shwe and Shwe Shwe
Khaing sing the Great Songs from an ancient past. They also perform at
monasteries, and at weddings where traditionally songs from the Maha Gita are
sung. Through their performances of the Mahageetha, Shwe Shwe Khaing and Khing
Zin Shwe have committed themselves to nurturing their ancient Myanmar classical
music traditions.
Shwe Shwe Khaing and Khing Zin Shwe have been performing together for many
years. A collaboration with contemporary Western musicians, Voice Over The
Bridge follows the lives of these two musicians, in an audio-visual documentary of
unexplored and remote Myanmar.
In Voice Over The Bridge, Khing Zin Shwe and Shwe Shwe Khaing share their lives
and passions through their stories and voices.
Press Release
Producer: EarthSync India Pvt. Ltd.
Actors: Shwe Shwe Khaing, Khing Zin Shwe
Cinematographer: Agung Dewantoro, Ernest Hariyanto, Timur Angin
Record Label: Arturo Calvete
Music Composer: Patrick Sebag
Country: Myanmar
Subtitles: Burmese
Original Film Format: HDV
Office release date: 31 August 2009
Locations shot: Myanmar
Distibution Company: EarthSync India Pvt. Ltd.
External Link / URL: http://www.voiceoverthebridge.com/
External Link / URL: http://www.earthsync.com/
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