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Aniket Dasgupta & Swathi Sethumadhavan - The Other Way
Aniket Dasgupta & Swathi Sethumadhavan
The Other Way
90 min

Language: English
Publish Date: 31/01/2013

Genre: Documentary, Society, Media
In the glitz and the glamour of a Bollywood dominated industry, there exists a parallel filmmaking community whose aim is not to create cliched blockbusters, but to tell a meaningful and thought provoking story through the medium of cinema. These film makers are known as the independents (or the indies).

On the other hand theres two film students who are in the final year of their college lives trying to figure out what to do next. And in this journey of trying to do something they came across these indieviduals and projects that pushed them to think outside the box. The Other Way is about them. Its the journey of two film students who along with a few friends discover people and projects that is taking Indian cinema to a different plane.

The film intends to delve into the rising independent cinema culture in India by profiling Independent filmmakers and their films. At the same time it will also discuss the factors that have brought this culture into existence. Methods of distribution, funding, filming approach and audience engagement will also be featured. The role of technology and DIY methods that most of these filmmakers follow is the other aspect of film making that would be documented. The documentary will feature independent filmmakers both established and upcoming from across the nation and will also feature other film professionals who have been instrumental in propagating this thought.

The film has been planned as a feature length documentary and will have a runtime of about 60 to 90 minutes. The documentary will follow a relational narrative which combines the interviews, footage of film makers at work and animation based dialogue giving a common mans perspective of the scene. The documentary is going to be shot keeping in mind the ideals of an independent film, i.e. small crews, on location interviews, consumer grade DSLR cameras and guerilla tactics of film making.
Country: India
Subtitles: English
Original Film Format: HD
External Link / URL: http://towfilm.com
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