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Roohi Dixit and Ziba Bhagwagar - Scattered Windows, Connected Doors
Roohi Dixit and Ziba Bhagwagar
Scattered Windows, Connected Doors
75 minutes

Release Date: 01/07/2013
Language: English
Publish Date: 29/10/2013

Genre: Documentary, Society
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Scattered Windows, Connected Doors is a film about women from urban India.

Eight women. Eight stories. An inspiring documentary capturing the thoughts and choices of these women living in urban India. A series of conversations on love, loss, fear, loneliness, marriage, freedom and what it means to be a woman.

The film attempts to understand the choices of these eight varied women from different age groups, at different points in their life. Different influences, different choices. These are the very choices that make them so diverse from each other and yet so alike. Whether it is a corporate honcho, a spiritual Sufi singer, a travelling graphic artist, a photographer, a bestselling author cum blogger, a senior advertising professional, an LGBT rights activist or a hair stylist.

Where do they come from? Where are they right now? Where do they go from here?

An insight into their thoughts. A look at their lives in urban cities in the midst of chaos and noise of the everyday living. Conversations about living life by their own rules and defining themselves in their own words. The film celebrates and validates the questions that we, as women of urban India, as the educated, supposedly privileged, self reliant lot especially, are sometimes scared to ask our own selves. But how often we ponder over them in an attempt to define and understand our selves.
The film is not a biopic on any one protagonist’s life, but a sense of who they are. Their stories speak to so many of us. Their stories are sometimes ours. Our stories theirs. Through their stories, we are saying many things. We are saying that the process of self evolution is an important one. We are saying that we can choose what we want to do with our lives. We are saying that we matter. We are saying that we can be the inspiration that we seek.

Scattered Windows, Connected Doors is an unapologetic account showcasing the emerging breed of the fearless Indian woman through conversations with eight strong women, and their opinions. Through these conversations these women sometimes answer our queries, and sometimes pose the very questions back to us.
Montage of the Eight women featured
Press Release
Writer: Roohi Dixit (Conceptualizer)
Producer: Ziba Bhagwagar and Roohi Dixit (Zero Rules)
Actors: Shabnam Virmani, Anusha Yadav, Rekha Mehrotra Menon, Shilo Shiv Suleman, Preeti Shenoy, Vidya Pai, Swati Bhattacharya and Sapna Bhavnani
Cinematographer: Bakul Sharma
Record Label: Priyanjana Dutta
Music Composer: --
Country: India
Subtitles: English
Original Film Format: HD
Office release date: 01/07/2013
Locations shot: Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Varanasi
Awards / Nominations: Best Documentary at Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival, Audience Choice Award at Mumbai Women's International Film Festival, Official Selection at Seattle South Asian Film Festival and River to River Florence Indian Film Festivals
External Link / URL: http://www.swcd.in
External Link / URL: http://www.facebook.com/swcd.docu
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