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Gitanjali - Printed Rainbow
Printed Rainbow
15 min

Language: Other
Publish Date: 17/10/2013

Genre: Shorts, Non-Narrative, Art / Artists
Printed Rainbow is a 15 minute animation film that describes the loneliness of an old woman and her cat, who escape into the fantastical world of matchbox covers.
Designer: KK Muralidharan | Poster
“Gitanjali Rao approaches such themes as solitude and death in a gentle and non-dramatic way. The narration carries influences from the eastern philosophy of life and rebirth without ruining the feeling of human warmth. We all can attain harmony but in another world.”
“The director's concept of space and time is not a demonstration of a cinematographic style but is a trigger for developing the story. Gitanjali Rao is mostly interested in revealing emotion, and not in the formal directors' ways of expression. She skillfully uses animation to expand upon the story. Rao has chosen to work not with key-frames and in-between's but with progressive animation achieving fluent motion in a slow thoughtful rhythm. Her soundtrack is very impressive, especially in the 'reality' episodes. Street sounds and the rustle of muted rainfall make dialogue needless. Silence becomes meaningful.” - Nadezhda Marinchevska
Writer: Gitanjali Rao
Producer: Gitanjali Rao
Country: India
Subtitles: silent
Original Film Format: 35mm film
Office release date: May 2006
Awards / Nominations: KODAK DISCOVERY AWARD Best Short Film, Critic's Week, CANNES 2006 YOUNG CRITIC’S AWARD Best Short Film, Critic’s Week, CANNES 2006 RAIL D’ OR Best Short Film, Critic’s Week, CANNES 2006 GRAND PRIX Tokyo Short Shorts, JAPAN 2007 BEST SHORT AWARD Asia International Competition, Tokyo Short Shorts,
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