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What does IndiEarth do?

For Musicians and Filmmakers, IndiEarth is a platform for your music or film trailer to be exposed to verified Media platforms worldwide. For registered Media platforms, Clubs, Venues and DJs, IndiEarth offers a single window platform to access the latest music and film releases from India.

Can anyone sign up on IndiEarth?

Yes! Media platforms, Clubs, Venues and Resident DJs worldwide can sign up for FREE to access Music and Film content from India. Any Musician and Filmmaker from India can sign up and upload their own content for as low as Rs. 800/- per track/film!

Does IndiEarth have a copyright policy?

IndiEarth implements strict copyright and other intellectual property rights protection policies to ensure that content in the website is not infringing the rights of others. Please read IndiEarth IP Policy and Terms of Use.

Will I earn royalties from the streaming and downloading of content by Media platforms on IndiEarth?

No royalties are earned on IndiEarth, however if your recordings are used in any Media’s programming, they are responsible for the reporting to Collecting Societies through which you may be entitled to royalties.

Are the Media platforms limited to a specific genre?

Media platforms registered with IndiEarth have access to all genres, including Indian regional language content, and can choose genre specific content.

How will I know who has heard my music or my track has been on a playlist?

IndiEarth provides real-time reports each time your track or film trailer has been accessed by any Media. Contact The Artist facility allows Media to get in touch with you directly for permission to use your content on their Media platforms.

Will IndiEarth follow up with Media for me?

No, IndiEarth provides the hub for musicians, filmmakers and media to meet but does not offer artist representation services.

Do I pay before or after I upload my material?

You may purchase Cash Points either before or after uploading your content, however your content will not be accessible to Media platforms till Cash Points are purchased

What are Cash Points?

Each Cash Point represents a value of Rs 1/-. You may purchase the exact number of Cash Points required for 1 music track or film trailer, or purchase many more Cash Points in advance so you can avoid having to purchase Cash Points each time you want to upload a music track or film trailer.

How do I pay?

IndiEarth accepts credit cards for instant online purchase of Cash Points. If you do not have a credit card, IndiEarth will accept cheques or demand drafts in favour of EarthSync India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. Your page will be accessible to Media platforms subject to the realization of payment.

Do I upload full albums, or select my best tracks?

It's up to you! IndiEarth's pay per track/film facility gives you the flexibility to either choose one of your best tracks to upload, or the full album.

Will IndiEarth retain any percentage of licensing deals, sales or bookings I might get as a result of being on the platform?

No! IndiEarth charges only a one-time upload fee to place your creative works on the site. We sincerely wish for you 100% of the rewards of your success!

I am a musician/filmmaker - what do I get when I sign up?

An organized, dedicated page for each Track / Film Trailer you upload - Your Track / Film Trailer, Album Cover Art / Film Thumbnail, Track Details and Credits, PR Pictures & Bio, Press Reviews, video clip of the Track, and best of all, Real Time Reports of Media accessing your Track/Trailer.

How long will uploaded tracks and musician/filmmakers pages be available on the IndiEarth database?

IndiEarth hosts the content for a period of 1 year, after which you will require to renew your registration.

How many musicians and filmmakers are in IndiEarth's database?

Hard to tell, as more musicians and filmmakers are signing up every day!

I am a DJ. Can I include IndiEarth tracks in my playlists?

Use the Contact The Artist facility in your Personlised Area to directly request permission from the Artist for including the track in your playlists.

Someone uploaded my track/film

IndiEarth implements strict copyright and other intellectual property rights protection policies. Please contact us immediately at support@IndiEarth.com

I am having technical difficulties

Please send an email to support@IndiEarth.com

I registered at MuziKonnect - will my login and content be valid still?

Yes, MuziKonnect has integrated with the IndiEarth platform, and you may continue to use IndiEarth seamlessly.

What is IndiEarth's Digital Distribution service?

IndiEarth's digital distribution service is offered only to registered IndiEarth Artists, as an additional service to the platform's main objective of connecting Artists and worldwide Media. Currently, only digital music distribution to over 600 online retail stores including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Zune etc. has been launched. Digital film distribution is scheduled for August 2012.
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