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IndiEarth's global partners who share the vision of working together to build wider networks for independent artists.

BandViews is a live-streaming online music community that connects artists to their fans and the music industry.

Arts Illustrated is a pan-India based arts and design magazine with a keen focus to reach out to the urbane demographic and create a more inclusive ecosystem for the arts. Our endeavour is to create an exciting read that reflects our ethos to inspire, evoke, enrich, engage our readers.

Chennai Live 104.8FM is a locally involved radio station aimed at educated and informed people of Chennai. It focuses on local happenings, information and issues relevant to today's Chennai. It features discussions and debates with studio guests and listeners calling the station. The station plays the best of Tamil and International music recorded over the years combined with the best songs of the moment.

www.bordermovement.com is a platform that aims to encourage interaction between the electronic music scenes of South Asia and Germany. Based in Berlin, we raise awareness by providing content and discourse on artists, labels, trends, developments, clubs, festivals, house parties, free parties, jam sessions, happenings, exhibitions, installations, screenings, concerts, demonstrations/protests, releases, projects, players, promotors, creators, movers, shakers and innovators in both regions.

Goethe-Institut Chennai is the contact point German culture and to study or teach German. For over 50 years, the Goethe-Institut Chennai has been promoting an ongoing dialogue and exchange between Indian and German artists and experts in order to present German culture abroad and help shape a current understanding of Germany today

Sound Box is India's premier music trade magazine. We chronicle the music industry and report on trends that matter. Sound Box has its pulse on the moves in the music industry, content aggregators, telecom operators, TV and radio broadcast industries. We crunch the numbers from a variety of sources to develop India's definitive metrics of music success.

Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) was incorporated in 1971 with the main object of promoting tourism in Tamilnadu by building tourism related infrastructure facilities on commercial basis. Today, it has earned the proud distinction of owning the longest chain of hotels in South India along with a fleet of coaches.

Monkey Foundation operates Monkey Radio India which was founded in Hyderabad, 2011. The principle objective of this non-profit community radio station along with the foundation is to promote all forms of culture, music, literature, and arts towards various communities.

Aalaap is an initiative in the performing arts. Sometimes, it works on its own, as an independent entity. Other times, Aalaap dresses up as a collaborator and attempts to work with performing artistes from across India, and assist them in the many aspects of the arts, its production, promotion and presentation. Designed as an artiste-centric initiative that is sensitive to the style and sensibilities that qualify and constitute every artiste, Aalaap’s focus areas include ideation, curation, execution, content creation, research, management and promotion.

Blue Lotus Festival is an unprecedented event focused on presenting the richness of genres and styles of best of Indian Sufi, Folk, Traditional, Gypsy, Tribal, Devotional, Spiritual and Indigenous music celebrated in Pushkar – an ancient town of great cultural and historical importance in Rajasthan, India.

wild city
The essential online guide for contemporary music news and events from India and across the globe. Based in New Delhi, online music mag the Wild City aims to open up the floor, offering information about what's happening both in India and abroad, the place to experience artists that are known and loved, and also to discover new exciting music.

Radioandmusic.com is India's first portal dedicated to the fast growing FM radio and music industries in India. A website not only guides you through the rapidly growing FM radio and music sectors with daily news updates, interviews and analyses, but also serves as a meeting platform for executives and creative people from both sectors.
festival without borders
An international approach to strengthen the role of Festivals and World Music Events globally.

World's First green-designed, multi-arts traveling venue, with a dedicated program of world-class Indigenous acts.

Creative India
Creative India seeks to advance all forms of Indian art & culture by engaging with global audiences - beyond borders

Films Division of India has initiated FD-Zone in a collaborative effort with independent film makers to organize regular curated screenings of documentaries, short films, animation films, avant-garde and meaningful cinema.

From 30 October to 2 November 2014, India’s quirkiest, coolest and most eclectic film festival will once again descend on the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic town of McLeod Ganj in Dharamshala.DIFF 2014 will showcase a careful selection of more than 24 features, documentaries, shorts and animation films, representing the best in contemporary independent cinema.

The Institut Francais en Inde's mission is to facilitate Indo-French exchanges through country festivals encompassing varied events at regular intervals so that peoples of our countries can get to know each other better. By creating the Institut Francais, the French government has given the mandate to promote French cultural action overseas, be it in the matter of artistic exchanges, promotion of French thought and ideas through the printed word or audio visual medium, of French language, and of French know-how via student, academic, researcher and scientific exchanges.

Astrolabe, the contemporary live music venue in Orléans - France, focuses on live music events, artistic creation and the support of young artists. Actively involved in the process of structuring the live music industry, Astrolabe develops international cooperation projects with IOMMA and Sakifo Festival in Reunion Island, FME Festival in Quebec, and EarthSync in India.

The Park, Chennai guarantees ultimate comfort and provides the best of services amongst the top luxury five star hotels in Chennai for banquets, entertainment and world-class hospitality.

Fraca-Ma is a network based in the centre of France, connecting music venues, festivals, artists and other people and organizations dealing with music in this area.

Gatsby actively supports and promotes music and arts with regular performances and showcases at it's venue. It is a multi faceted business group, with its core business being Men's Apparel. The business spans across hospitality and real estate as well.

Aurodhan was born with the vision and love for promoting excellence in art and culture. It is a one-stop integrated Art Gallery, Heritage Guest House, Artist-in-Residence centre, and framing workshop located centrally in Pondicherry.

The Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall was commissioned in 2008 for the preservation of Indian and other forms of art and culture. The complex is a 1200 capacity two-level air-conditioned theatre, a 2400 sq.ft. stage, an art school, and an art gallery, equipped with state-of-the- art audio-visual & lighting equipment.

The Australasian World Music Expo (AWME) is the Asia Pacific region's roots music industry and conference event, bringing together musicians, industry representatives and audiences from around the globe for music, networking, film screenings and conference sessions.

The Indian Ocean Music Market (IOMMA) held in St. Pierre, Reunion is a music industry event focusing on the Indian Ocean countries and includes conferences, artist showcase, and networking sessions.

The IOMMA regional cooperation program is co-financed by the European Union

The international fair that brings together professionals from the worlds of folk, roots, ethnic and traditional music and includes concerts, conferences and documentary films, and networking that promotes music and culture across frontiers.

EarthMoments is an online platform offering music producers unique collections of high quality samples and a space to explore unique sounds and signatures, to cross borders, explore, and discover unique instruments and sounds of the world.

UK based online magazine and music portal devoted to reporting the latest music news and commentary and album reviews, articles, and event listings focusing on the underground and independent music scene.

Kolektif Mizik Moris looks at participating in structuring the Mauritian music industry and, contextually, its rapport with contemporary projects.

Eastern Beats Music Society is a group of musicians, writers, artistes, journalists, theatre workers, sportsmen and professionals brought together by the love for music and the arts, to nurture music forms and local talents of India's North East.

A professional studio with fully equipped control rooms, assistants, and sound engineering expertise to provide comprehensive technical support, specialising in on-location music recording.
The Kreole Festival is, at its core, a manifestation of Seychellois and the creole identity, and is a celebration of culture of the island as experienced through music, dance, arts, craft, cuisine, customs and the general way of life.

Sakifo Music Festival is an established world music festival that features artists of the Indian Ocean region and also beyond. Sakifo Records has been nurturing artists under their label, many of whom are now internationally acclaimed artists. www.sakiforecords.com / www.sakifo.com

A musical journey of discovery, Globetronica endeavours to keep the door to our path open for you, an audience across the planet keen to experience some of the world's best music and learn about the people who create it.

To be recognised as Africa’s premier music market through networking, conferencing, exhibitions and showcases captures the vision of Moshito. Moshito is a non-profit organisation registered in South Africa that coordinates and disseminates information, offers a platform for doing business in South Africa, and Africa and generates awareness of our continents music products.

The IMZ is the global association for all those involved in any aspect of audio-visual music and dance. Its 150+ members include broadcasters; performing arts companies and venues; programme producers and distributors; record and DVD labels; cinema and new media specialists: all the participants in the creation and dissemination of music in the media.

Bringing World Music in film and video to a wider public, in various locations around the world, is the motivation behind this non-commercial distribution project created in 2006 by the IMZ in co-operation with WOMEX.

Artistik License is a legal education and services platform dedicated to addressing the needs and queries of artists and creative entrepreneurs in India. With a strong emphasis on making legal information accessible, Artistik License maintains an Information Resource full of original articles, provides specialized legal services and works towards empowering the artist and entrepreneurial community through awareness raising workshops and discussions.

Mixtape is an artist and event management company based in Mumbai. We are currently managing some of the biggest independent artists in the country. The company specializes in music and deals in artist management, tour management, show bookings and event management. Mixtape caters to curating corporate events and programmes in clubs, colleges and festivals across the country.

Founded in 2009, KRUNK is an all-India artist management & booking agency specializing in the finest local and international talent within the music industry. KRUNK represents a mixture of leading + break through bands & electronic DJ's / producers in India. KRUNK also offers tailored consultancy services in music programming to some of the best venues in the country.

Hablis is a business hotel that is the global travellers’ ideal habitat, and is enabled with exceptional amenities, the convenience of absolute comfort and our unique contemporary Indian hospitality. It is the perfect melange of exemplary service, seamless efficiency and chic luxury.

Songlines magazine covers the world's most exciting music from traditional and popular to contemporary and fusion, featuring artists from all around the globe.

The British Council is the United Kingdom's international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide.

The "Initiative Musik" is a funding agency set up by the German federal government to promote the music industry in Germany. It is supported by the German Collecting Society for Performance Rights (GVL) and the German Music Council. Financial support is provided by the GVL, the German Music Author’s Society (GEMA) and the GEMA Foundation. The core field of support is geared toward contemporary music, particularly Rock, Pop, and Jazz.

Pepsi MTV Indies is the world's largest Indie stage. 24 hours a day. Discover new and exciting music on the world’s largest Indie stage. Experience art and alternative culture like never before with the best Indie artists. Stay updated with the latest happenings in Indie music and culture. Music reviews, previews, exclusive interviews, art showcases and much more. Join the Indie revolution.

The Score Magazine is the first, only, fully comprehensive, national, indigenous Indian Music magazine. Good music is your right. Join us to create a music revolution.

ProMusicals founded in 1991, was born out of the driving need for a Professional Electronic Musical Instrument and Digital Audio Store in India.The brainchild of Sudhin Prabhakar, a lead guitarist with 18 years of gigging with some of the finest Indian Rock groups like Down Sterling, Nemesis Avenue, Juravi, Burn, Jus Frenz and Roxygen, Sudhin believed he had the musical experience and the will to make this a reality.

If you believe that Music is the true expression of freedom, then you’ve come to the right place! Tune in to Radio City Freedom and check out some of the best independent music from the Indian sub-continent.

EarthSync, based in South India, is a record label and producer of high quality visual content, live shows and online platforms, with operational, production, project, and recording expertise.

An EarthSync Initiative
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