EarthMoments Presents Rututu: Music Playground

Imagine a space where sounds and samples come together in a playground of mellifluous melody, where with the touch of a finger musical creations are born and shared with the world – EarthMoments is proud to announce Rututu – Music Playground – an app that brings you just that. The app consists of a vast bank of popular samples and innovative loops designed with a user friendly intuitive interface that makes creating music accessible and easy for anyone.

Created by award winning EarthMoments engineers with over twenty years of experience, Rututu is based around a series of recording sessions with musicians from all over the world. The library in the Rututu app will bring a variety of hard-to-obtain sounds to the fingertips of all types of musicians – rare string instruments from around the world, unique vocal samples from difficult to access tribal communities, ancient folk instruments from remote regions can suddenly meet the more contemporary styles of hip hop, dub step and world music. “The Rututu app presents a fun and creative way to incorporate its vast selection of tracks into contemporary music. Anyone will be able to open it up and create with it right away, and the sound quality brings loop-based composition to a whole new level,” said EarthMoments Director Kris Karra. Listen to some demos created with Rututu here.

Preview Shot of Rututu

Preview Shot of Rututu

The app is equally easy to use – featuring a library of “soundscapes” for musicians, DJs or producers to create tracks, and loops that automatically sync so timing is never off. “The Rututu app offers several things not available in the market today, starting with the ease of producing top-notch, professional-sounding music through its unique interface. Additionally, most producers and musicians don’t have access to the kind of instruments made available through Rututu, because they are not available outside of the sacred communities the EarthMoments team visited. It took extensive research to develop an intuitive platform and to locate the best musicians and instruments –– and with Rututu, users will be able to easily add these unique flavours to their songs,” said Rututu Project Manager Yoav Rosenthal.

However to complete the project, the EarthMoments team needs your support – a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to help rally backers and support for its completion. Watch the video here to know more about the project, and to help us bring it to life! Backers can also receive a variety of exclusive rewards, including special VIP content, signed original sketches of the app’s design, public accolades and much more.


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