IndiEarth Out There: Galeej Gurus Part II

“The last ten years we’ve been struggling to find our sound. We haven’t been scared to mix it up with different genres – we’ve played a little bit with pop, we’ve brought a little bit of a jazz feel, funk and rock and prog-rock and then we had to kind of put it together!” Years of experimenting with different sounds and genres has resulted in a sound that is uniquely Galeej Gurus. “The more you keep writing together with that combination, it gets polished. So that polish is really coming through – it’s starting to get exciting” the band told IndiEarth, “In the spectrum there are two ends. Galeej basically means dust, dirt, nothing. So you start from nothing, ‘galeej’, and at the end of the spectrum of life you become guru”.

Here is the band now – on their musical journey towards becoming sonic gurus – with a song called Where Were You Yesterday, on the final episode of Season 2: IndiEarth Out There!


Written & Composed By: Nathan Harris, Ananth Menon, Naveen Thomas, Matthew Harris & Kishan Balaji

Nathan Lee Harris: Vocals
Ananth Menon: Guitar
Naveen Thomas Joseph: Guitar


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