Kitsch Mandi’s Neighbourhood Festival

The streets of Bangalore are about to be taken over!

Prepare yourselves, as Kitsch Mandi along with The Start Up festival brings to you The Neighbourhood Art Festival — 4 days of art, music, performance and workshops in 3 selected areas, with the coming together of local artists, musicians, and the community for a massive celebration of creativity.

Here’s what’s in store from the 7th to 9th of March, 2013:

pocketPocket Flea markets: Kitsch Mandi has hosted many flea markets across the country over the past 3 years. If you haven’t been to one  yet, this would be the perfect first one! A dose of what Kitsch Mandi flea markets truly does best – temporary shops set up to sell creative products and hand made crafts.

juiceandjamJuice and Jam: If it get’s too hot outside, step into a juice shop, grab yourselves a refreshingly fresh fruit juice and jam along with acoustic solo musicians from Namma Bengaluru!


Graffiti & Busking: Across Indiranagar, Koramangala and Jayanagar from 11am to 7 pm, you will find Bus stop Busking, Pavement Drum Circles and Wall Graffiti artists, doing what they do best. If ever there were a time to be out on the street, this would be it!


Fearless Poster Campaign: Initiated by Shilo Shiv Suleman in association with Kitsch Mandi,  ‘Fearless’ is a way for Artists across India and the world to reaffirm Fearlessness and Feminine Courage in a world that is seemingly unsafe for women through artwork and posters. The 8th of March, the city will see these beautiful, self affirming posters plastered across its walls and public spaces! Join the cause, lend a hand by being a volunteer!

openpoetryStreet Poetry Jam: The perfect space to express your creativity, the open poetry reading encourages closet poets and established ones to really contribute to this community affair. If you have a flair for poetry, send in your interest!

You can also look forward to workshops in all neighborhoods for kids and adults on painting, kitchen gardening and drum circles as well as public installations, dance therapy and games.

Art work displayed on the streets will be for sale!

On the final day – 10th of March; Kitsch Mandi collaborates with The Start Up Festival as a culmination of both festivals. Apart from flea markets and installations, you can expect some fantastic music by Vivek Anand (Spanish guitarist), Sidd Coutto (looping), Thaalavattam (Rhythm Rush – Drums), Solder (Band), Vachan (DJ – Funk set) to end the festival.


You can connect with Kitsch Mandi on Facebook and on The Neighbourhood Art Festival website.


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