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You may remember Dutch psychedelic gospel act My Baby from our photo essay on their performance at the Landjuweel Music Festival in the quaint little Dutch artist village of Ruigoord (view the full feature here). Well since that performance, the tripped out trio have been on a constant climb to the skies – flying around the world on gigs from New Zealand to Japan; a brand new album set for release this 12th of March, 2015; and a series of video releases for their soul stirring music – a treat for the sonic palate. Have a taste here!

When asked about being independent artists in the musical context of the Netherlands, Daniel – the act’s guitarist – says “Indie has become rather arbitrary of late. ‘Indie’, so it seems, has become industrialised – or at least the term has. However independent music around the world is thriving! No different in the Netherlands. With internet and social media your music is spread worldwide in an instant – and there are many opportunities to take control and follow your own ambitions. Records don’t sell anymore but you can connect with your audience more directly than ever before.” However, as he admits, the challenges still remain – and appear no different to the kinds of challenges Indian artists often face in the process of forging their own independent paths. “Unfortunately ‘the music industry’ is still very much stuck in the 20th century. And you can’t quite circumnavigate it yet. Old codes are firmly in place and it is still very hard to get new and original music past media institutions that can make or break you. But as with everything in life it is a question of belief and perseverance.”

Their most recent video was just released last month, an experimental animation piece that is heavily inspired by India – “We have just released a new video clip/art of our song Juno Moneta,” Joost – the band’s drummer – told IndiEarth. “It’s a collaboration between us, Dutch filmmaker/director Ruben Van Leer and photographer Dim Balsem – combining footage shot on location in India, and digital images of Cato, shot using kinect cameras. It’s a unique and original concept by Ruben.”

Watch the video below, and stay connected with this dynamic act through their Facebook page and website.


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