Film Program

IndiEarth XChange 2013's Film Showcase Festival offers an eclectic lineup of 15 international and Indian films.

The selection of non-mainstream films from India gives audiences a chance to watch otherwise difficult-to-access films. From rare films sourced from India's film archives to modern day 2013 releases, the programming is a showcase of some of India's best independent filmmakers.

11:00 / The Screening Room
A Dream Takes Wings (IN)
11:00 / The Screening Room
Running For Jim (US)
11:00 / The Screening Room
Baavra Mann (IN)

11:20 / The Screening Room
The Other Way (IN)

12:30 / The Screening Room
Voice Over The Bridge (IN)

14:30 / The Screening Room
The Comic Book Palace (US)

14:30 / The Screening Room
Scattered Windows, Connected Doors (IN)
12:55 / The Screening Room
Dina And Noel (IL)
15:30 / The Screening Room
Ravi Shankar (IN)
16:00 / The Screening Room
Tyu's Company (UK)
14:30 / The Screening Room
Sahel Calling (DE/US)
16:15 / The Screening Room
Dead Cat (UK)

16:20 / The Screening Room
Rumblestrips (US)

15:15 / The Screening Room
Printed Rainbow (IN)
15:45 / The Screening Room
Tasher Desh (IN)

A Dream Takes Wings


From the archives, this rare film presents the remarkable evolution of Indian cinema right from its inception to the establishment of a flourishing industry by the pioneer & doyen of Indian cinema - Dr. Dadasaheb Phalke.
Director: Gajanan Jagirdar // 16 mins // Language: English // 1970

Baavra Mann

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"A film on Sudhir Mishra & other Indian realities". A film not only on one of Mumbai cinema's longest lasting and relevant filmmakers but through that prism on a declining cultural life in India.
Director: Jaideep Varma // 128 mins // Language: English, Hindi (English Subtitles) // 2013

Dead Cat

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Michael and Kristen were child hood sweethearts, but haven't spoken in 10 years. Thrown back together as they both begin their thirties, is there still anything between them? With nothing but a gang of dysfunctional friends as allies will they discover if this second chance is love or just nostalgia? Dead Cat is a quirky take on contemporary relationships in London.
Director: Stefan Georgiou // 86 mins // Language: English // 2013

Dina and Noel

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Dina is a young urban girl that shares her grandfathers' apartment with his Filipino caretaker, Noel. Together, they live in a world full of transparent people, where none cares to see, or show anything beyond a masquerade. On the Eve of Purim, everyone in the city is tending to their costumes, shaping the masks they hide behind all year round. It is on this evening that Dina and Noel face a tragedy that removes all of the defense mechanisms, uncovering a glimmer of truth - In their own lives, and in their eccentric relationship.
Director: Sivan Levy, Natalie Melamed // 10 mins // Language: English // 2013

Printed Rainbow

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Printed Rainbow is a 15 minute animation film that describes the loneliness of an old woman and her cat, who escape into the fantastical world of matchbox covers.
Director: Gitanjali Rao // 15 mins// Language: English // 2006

Ravi Shankar


From the archives, "Ravi Shankar” is a film portrait of the Sitar Maestro, depicting through a series of interviews and recitals his versatile personality as a well-known classical performer and a creative composer.
Director: Pramod Pati // 27 mins // Language: English // 1974


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Broke and emotionally blistered after the death of her husband, Toby has turned to a beloved pastime, growing marijuana, to provide for her family. When she is arrested and convicted, she packs up the RV and takes her two young daughters on a road trip while uneasily awaiting sentencing.
Director: John Adams, Toby Poser // 85 mins// Language: English // 2012

Running For Jim

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The film chronicles the story of Jim Tracy, the deeply dedicated, brutally honest and tough-love coach of the San Francisco University High School cross-country team. Under Jim’s tutelage, University High School girls’ cross-country holds a record number nine state championships, making Jim the most decorated high school cross-country coach in California history. In June 2010, Jim Tracy was diagnosed with fatal Lou Gehrig’s disease.
Director: Dan Noyes, Robin Hauser Reynolds // 78 mins // Language: English // 2013

Sahel Calling

Germany / USA
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Sahel Calling is a film project to raise awareness about the refugees, internally-displaced persons and the people living in the conflict-affected areas of Mali and the Sahel.
Director: John Bosch // 40 mins// Language: English, French, German, Spanish (English Subtitles) // 2013

Scattered Windows, Connected Doors

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Scattered Windows, Connected Doors is a film about women from urban India. Eight women. Eight stories. An inspiring documentary capturing the thoughts and choices of these women living in urban India. A series of conversations on love, loss, fear, loneliness, marriage, freedom and what it means to be a woman.
Director: Roohi Dixit, Ziba Bhagwagar// 75 mins // Language: English // 2013

Tasher Desh

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Once upon a time, there was a storyteller. In a lonely railway station, somewhere in Kolkata, he spoke to trains. He wanted to tell a story. It was not a new story. But for him, it was the only story to tell. Inside the darkness of his mind, his story unfolds, a kaleidoscope of fantasy.
Director: Q // 112 mins // Language: Bengali (English Subtitles) // 2013

The Comic Book Palace

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This documentary shows what takes place in a comic book store with the owner, Glenn O'leary and his regulars that hang around there.
Director: Felipe Jorge // 40 mins // Language: English // 2013

The Other Way

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In the glitz and the glamour of a Bollywood dominated industry, there exists a parallel filmmaking community whose aim is not to create cliched blockbusters, but to tell a meaningful and thought provoking story through the medium of cinema. These film makers are known as the independents (or the indies).
Director: Aniket DasGupta & Swathi Sethumadhavan // 90 mins // Language: English // 2013

Tyu's Company

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In dystopian London of the future, where citizens live isolated existences, the online world is the only world known to humanity. A sudden and unprecedented system suspension propels one woman, Tyu, into a strange relationship.
Director: Reema Sengupta // 15 mins // Language: English // 2012

Voice Over The Bridge

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Shwe Shwe Khaing and Khing Zin Shwe have been performing together for many years. A collaboration with contemporary Western musicians, Voice Over The Bridge follows the lives of these two musicians, in an audio-visual documentary of unexplored and remote Myanmar.In Voice Over The Bridge, Khing Zin Shwe and Shwe Shwe Khaing share their lives and passions through their stories and voices.
Director: Ernest Hariyanto // 24 mins // Language: Burmese (English Subtitles) // 2009


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