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 From light-hearted romantic comedies set on the sandy shores of Goa, to a tale of eight women and a window into their unique lives in urban India – IndiEarth OnScreen this February promises variety when it comes to intriguing storylines and showcasing the best of independent cinema. The first screening this month takes place on the 11th of February at Ashvita Bistro, Chennai – showcasing the works of Indian filmmakers Aditi Lakhotia and Sandeep Mohan. Lakhotia’s film Be Jinxed! is a 3D animated short about Timmie the frog who wakes up in a science lab only to realise that he is about to be dissected by a determined biology student named Minnie. What follows is a chaotic concoction of botched escape plans and a determined Minnie – causing madness in the laboratory. Mohan’s film Love Wrinkle Free – equally comedic in nature – is set in Goa, and depicts the misadventures of 38-year-old area sales manager Savio, his 46-year-old religious wife Annie, and a sensual travelling photographer named Natalie.

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The next venue will be BFlat Bar, Bangalore on the 15th of February – showcasing two pieces of cinema revolving around the feminine, the first one being by the eminent documentary filmmaker Pramod Pati. His film Wives And Wives is a short animation that revolves around the effective role the housewife has to play, in building a new India. The second film of the evening by filmmaking duo Roohi Dixit and Ziba Bhagwagar is a documentary titled Scattered Windows, Connected Doors – diving intimately into the lives of eight women in modern day urban India, their hopes and fears, different life choices and influences, the stories they tell that every woman relates to – in the words of the filmmakers, “An unapologetic account showcasing the emerging breed of the fearless Indian woman through conversations with eight strong women, and their opinions.”

The final screening on the 18th of February at the Goethe Institut, Chennai is titled ‘Films on Street Art & Culture’, showcasing a broad spectrum of cinema covering topics like the bustling artistic hub that is Khirkee village in South Delhi (with the film Extension Khirkee – a community art project), to films about the renowned street festival in Delhi, titled St + Art Delhi Festival 2014 (Week 1, 2 & 3). Nina Constable, Messrs Group and Herakut’s film Colours Of Resilience is a powerful documentary that takes the viewer through the streets and refugee camps of North Jordan, telling the stories of 2000 Syrian and Jordanian youth who worth together to create artwork and murals depicting various socially relevant themes brought together by an organisation called AptArt. The film Slumgods features the Bboy (breakdance) scene of New Delhi, a growing community of marginalised and at-risk children who use the art form as a creative release and form of expression.

Tallest Mural In India – Mahatma Gandhi is a two minute short about German artist Hendrick Beikirch and Indian artist ANPU who paint – well – the tallest mural in India of Mahatma Gandhi, standing at 158 feet, while experimental filmmaker Akshat Nauriyal’s India’s Largest Mural – Dadasaheb Phalke is another short depicting a similar theme, with both murals having been painted during the St + Art Delhi Festival. The final film of the evening TONES ONE – SPRAYCATION: Artventures into the Wild, by Sophie S. & LVJ follows Tones – an artist from the graffiti troupe EDK Crew – on his graffiti trail through India, Thailand and his homeland Cambodia, where his creations resemble the people in the surrounding neighbourhoods, resonating with the community and allowing it to be seen as more valuable than mere vandalism. The event will also feature an art showcase and Skype conversation with some of the artists from Street Art Chennai – an exciting initiative which has which has in this past month taken the city by storm, and captured the imagination of Chennaiites everyhere.

Entry to all screenings is free.


Ashvita Bistro

Venue: 11 Bawa Road, Alwarpet, Chennai
Date: Wednesday, 11 Feb, 2015
Time: 7:30 pm

1. Be Jinxed! Aditi Lakhotia and others | 2010 | 4 min | India | Short Animation
2. Love, Wrinkle-Free Sandeep Mohan | 2012 | 108 min | India | Feature, Comedy

The BFlat Bar

Venue: 776, 100 Feet Road, Indira Nagar(above ING Bank), Bangalore
Date: Sunday, 15 Feb, 2015
Time: Gates open at 7 pm.

1. Wives and Wives: Pramod Pati | 1962 | 3 min | India | Short, Animation
2. Scattered Windows, Connected Doors: Roohi Dixit & Ziba Bhagwagar | 2013 | 75 min | India | Documentary, Society

Goethe Institut – Films on Street Art & Culture

Venue: Rutland Gate, Nungambakam, Chennai
Wednesday, 18 Feb, 2015
Time: 7 pm

1. Extension Khirkee: Akshat Nauriyal | 2013 | 10 min | India
2. St + Art Delhi Festival 2014 (Week 1, 2 & 3): Akshat Nauriyal | 2014 | 20 min | India
3. Colors of Resilience: Nina Constable | 2014 | 7 min | UK
4. Slumgods: Akshat Nauriyal | 2013 | 9 min | India
5. Tallest Mural of India – Mahatma Gandhi: Akshat Nauriyal | 2014 | 2 min | India
6. India’s Largest Mural – Dadasaheb Phalke: Akshat Nauriyal | 2015 | 2 min | India
7. TONES ONE – SPRAYCATION: Artventures into the Wild: Sophie S. & LVJ | 2014 | 14 min | India/Switzerland


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