IndiEarth Out There: Galeej Gurus

“We consider the band name to be symbolic of the journey that every man must make in their lives”.

The musical journey of this particular band – the Galeej Gurus from Bangalore – has taken them through the sonic worlds of funk, blues, grunge and rock, picking up influences from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai and Deep Purple along the way, and finally crafting their own sound that they like to call Progressive Blue Funk. As the next (and final!) band to perform live on Season 2 of IndiEarth Out There, the band opens up to IndiEarth about their track about love and loss rather aptly titled Loser. “The song we’re talking about in the context of love. In a relationship the person that feels he’s lost out – ends up taking the blame for it”.

Here is the band – consisting of Nathan Lee Harris (Vocals) Ananth Menon (Guitar) and Naveen Thomas Joseph (Guitar) performing live and acoustic as the final band to be featured on IndiEarth Out There: Season 2.

Written & Composed By: Chad Harris & Along Peter Mannen

Nathan Lee Harris: Vocals
Ananth Menon: Guitar
Naveen Thomas Joseph: Guitar


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