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5 – 7 December, 2014 – marks the third edition of IndiEarth XChange, India’s trade event for independent music, film, and media. A meeting hub for members of the industry to network and grow their businesses; a melting pot of art and music where artists from around the globe showcase their music; an experimental space where new, emerging, and established independent filmmakers share their cinematic creations with audiences from every corner of the world – this is what can be expected from the XChange.

This past year, IndiEarth has programmed over 140 artists from around the world in Chennai, has screened over 175 independent films, brought together audiences across the country under the umbrella of independent cinema in venues around India. Indian performers at XChange 2013 – including Ravi Iyer, Sha’air & Func, and Nucleya – were handpicked after their performances at XChange by programmers present at the event, and given the opportunity to perform at international festivals.

XChange is a culmination of IndiEarth’s activities to build an independent arts community in Chennai and the rest of India – involving musicians, filmmakers, programmers, venue owners, industry experts and media professionals from around the world in the movement here in the country.


“I’ve never been in such a place in India before – it’s not geared towards mindless entertainment, there’s a distinct thought process to channelise energies.”
Rajarshi Basu | Film Editor – Tasher Desh, India

“The vibe here is really nice, there’s something amazing about sleeping in the same place where you perform, and where the festival is happening! It’s kind of like turning around each other – same kinds of people, same industry talks – it’s an ongoing conversation of three days which is really cool.”
j.viewz | Musician, Israel/USA

“The IndiEarth [XChange] Festival – I think it’s great! I saw an amazing performance last night by Christine Salem from La Reunion which blew me away. From what I saw I really like the approach of this whole indie music scene and film scene happening.”
Robert Koch | DJ/Producer, Germany XChange3

“The opportunity to see independent music and film from India and to meet with other guests from the Indian Ocean and the wider world is quite unique. XChange is this not-to-be-missed occasion to meet creative people in India in a setting of globalised culture, to discover possibilities, set up linkages and return home with a head full of new sounds, new images and, most importantly, new ideas.”
Christoph Pelzer | Cultural Co-Operation Expert, Mauritius

“It’s really great what  XChange is doing, bringing hope to an absolutely nonexistent independent arts industry and making sure each of us in the system at least hear each other out.”
Vishwaraj Mohan |  Venue Owner, Counter Culture, India

XChange1“I felt there was a number of contributing factors to the event’s dynamic energy, the diverse delegate profile – leaders in their field exchanging with young and emerging musicians and producers; the multi-disciplinary programme of music, film and media and the eclectic and refreshing showcase programme that gave a true reflection of musical landscape. However, all this said what struck me most was the authenticity of IndiEarth XChange – it’s not a ‘manufactured’ experience like so many of these emerging conferences, it’s coming from the grassroots up, which is always the right direction.”
Jody Ackland | Independent Programmer, Ireland

To attend and be part of the IndiEarth XChange, register immediately on the website at http://xchange14.indiearth.com/


IndiEarth is an online B2B platform that connects India’s non-mainstream independent Musicians and Filmmakers to worldwide Media. The platform features a blog, offers value-added services and wider opportunity networks through its partnerships. IndiEarth is an EarthSync Initiative.

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