Innovative approach to spread short film culture in north east India region

An initiative to popularise short films among the people, especially the youth of the region, has been underway for the past couple of months.

The Creovaent Educational Initiative, which sees screening of short films from popular Mumbai-based film club Shamiana, has been touching different institutes of the city. While screening of films for students of Guwahati University takes place every month, a screening camp was also held at Parijat Academy last week.
The Creovaent Educational Initiative, whereby these short films are screened, took birth with the collaboration of Creovaent Productions and SHAMIANA this August 2011. The entire noble initiative has been supported by Spirit Underground.

“We are planning to expand in all the major educational institutions within this year to spread the culture of short films in North-East India. Right now we have around 50 regular members who attend our monthly screenings and apart from that we are now doing special screening at Guwahati University regularly and Parijat Academy. We hope to start our screenings in few other institutions in coming months with the support of Spirit Underground,” said Mr. Prithish Chakraborty, Founder of Guwahati International Short Film Festival & Co-owner, Creovaent Productions.

Speaking on the initiative, CNN IBN India Hero and noted social worker Uttam Teron of Parijat Academy said he felt happy to see his students getting exposed to a new area of short films. “While we fully support the initiative taken by Creovaent Productions, we are looking forward for the special workshops that Creovaent Productions will undertake with our students related to filmmaking,” he said.

The format of the screening is monthly once with the content varies with two international short films, two national short films and one local short film from North-East filmmaker. With the coming months the production house is planning to do special workshops with the students to encourage them to take filmmaking as a career.

Creovaent Productions is the brainchild of the dynamic sibling trio of Prithish, Rajnish and Puja Chakraborty hailing from the beautiful state of Assam. The term ‘Creovaent’ has been coined by Rajnish Chakraborty in the fall of 2010 combining three important words – Creativity (for CREO), Innovation (for OVA) and Entertainment (For ENT) which means “A product of creativity using innovation for the purpose of entertainment.” Thus the name ‘Creovaent’ itself showcases company’s determination to unite the three basic elements that form the building blocks of modern filmmaking viz. creativity, innovation and entertainment. Creovaent Productions in such a short span of time has made it big with its debut music video getting praised and being featured in international channel like VH1 and with its documentary ‘Mystical Grass’ & ‘Unsung Hero’, the production house is planning to enter the international filmmaking arena.

Aiyushman Dutta

A journalist-critic based in Guwahati, Aiyushman Dutta has been writing on north-eastern music, folklore, cuisine and culture in various publications and portals. One of the very few mainstream journalists to be working for the propagation of north-east indian oral and musical folk traditions, he is presently the art and music critic of The Sentinel in Guwahati, besides being the principal correspondent (East India) for Sound Box and The Big M (Mumbai). Aiyushman is the Founder Secretary of the Eastern Beats Music Society, working towards the holistic development of the independent music industry of the region, and unifying people in strife-torn Northeast India through music.

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