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Here is our review on IndiEarth artists –



Skrat – Tincan Man

Catchy, hummable, fun rock song



Filter Coffee – Aloof Laila

Nice combination of instruments and percussion, could be longer.
Nice mood shift halfway



Moon Arra – Blue Fuse

Very different/mature fusion, shows the experience of the musicians playing



Oikyotaan – Kolonkini Radha

Expressive voice, Nice folk rendering with interesting instruments



Vicckey Goswami- What is this feeling

We always love experiments with Electronica and Fusion



TRI Mantra- Ganapathi Vandana

Brilliant over lapping of electronica elements over classical, Translation of Mantras in Rap is very interesting.

 business 4.5stars

Business Class Refugees- Boye Boye

Mood of the track is what hit us in the first 5 secs itself! Loved the fresh sound of harmonium on the track.

 lastpuff 4.stars

Last Puff- Red Ice

We like the minimalistic approach to the song. The choice of tones are different from the usual rock song. Good feel!



The News- The Summer Time

Awesome acoustic guitar work. Nice and snappy track



Navin Iyer- Jo Jo Raama

Always a pleasure listening to a young voice and blends beautifully to the backing instruments. Nice progression of the band! 



APJ- Baby gimme freedom

What can we say?? We loved the track!



Ganeshaa- Half stepping in Space

2nd note itself establishes the direction of the track. Trippy!

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