Celebrating Covelong Point

Sand, surf, sea, and song.  The four necessities, to the perfect life.  At least this is how Murthy sees it. And he’s not alone.

A few years ago, Murthy met Yotam.  Yotam was a surfer. Sound designer. Business class refugee.  Murthy was a fisherman, turned social worker, from the little coastal village of Kovalam, off the coast of Tamil Nadu.  One day, Yotam gave Murthy a green surf board, and taught him how to surf.  Murthy took to the waves, like…well, like a fish takes to the sea.  From that day on, there was no looking back – either for Murthy, or for Yotam.  This was the birth of the Covelong Point project – a journey that would last for years to come.

Though his carefree demeanour suggests otherwise, Murthy’s story, was not always a happy one.  During the Tsunami of 2004, he lost both his boat, and his livelihood.  However, instead of becoming bitter, or resentful – Murthy became a social worker, in an effort to help others who had suffered a similar plight. Despite everything he has been through, to this day, Murthy’s smile never leaves his face, and his eyes are eternally twinkling, like the early morning sun sparkles on the swell.

A few years ago, Yotam started filming Murthy’s story.  He documented Murthy’s ups and downs, trials and tribulations – everything that would lead up to the realization of a dream – the opening of Murthy’s very own surf school.  “I never expected such things were to happen, when I first started surfing”, says Murthy,  “If everyone truly believes in something good, it will happen”.

Now, on November 16th 2012, Murthy will officially inaugurate the opening of his surf school.  This date also marks the culmination of the documentary the EarthSync team has been filming – Covelong Point – a journey that has been close to the hearts, and souls, of all those involved.  From  EarthSync’s own videographer Ramakrishna Dhanasekaran, to Australian adventure filmmaker Salvador Cantellano, to renowned film editor/director Arturo Calvete, to artists from around the world – the project has involved a vast array of inspiring individuals.

To celebrate, the IndiEarth team is organizing a music festival in Kovalam village, by the beach, featuring a quirky and eclectic line up of IndiEarth musicians, and renowned musicians from Chennai.  For the first time, the incredibly talented Mahesh Vinayakram, renowned violinist Karthick Iyer, and ghatam maestro Ghatam Karthick, will collaborate; Carnatic-blues fusion musician Sean Roldan will take to the stage; traditional folk Thappattam drummers will drum thunderously into the night; and the children of the village will showcase their highly anticipated song and dance sequences.

November 16th, 2012 – a day of sand, surf, sea, and song – and a day that will be remembered, for a long time to come.  Be there to show your support, for Murthy, for the Covelong Point project, and for the love of music!



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