IndiEarth Out There: All The Fat Children

Fat rock – is that even a genre? It certainly is, according to four piece alt rock act All The Fat Children – a troupe of rambunctious rockers from Bangalore consisting of Eben Johnson (Vocals & Guitar), Vickram Kiran (Backing Vocals & Bass) and Sachin Savio Dane (Drums & Percussion). As the next artists to be featured on Season 2 of IndiEarth Out There – IndiEarth’s independent video series that is set on a mission to cover the length and breadth of Bangalore city unveiling the finest of the city’s musical talent – the band talks to IndiEarth about their in your face sound.

“Our genre is ‘fat rock’,” they say with a smirk, “People have asked us that question a lot, ‘What is fat rock?’ So the definition of ‘fat rock’ is just rock n’ roll, no separate genres or sub-genres and all that crap. It’s just a fat song and it’s in your face. And big. Keeps you hooked, that’s the point.” Revealing a bit more about their track Love Child – the first song to be performed live on IndiEarth Out There – the act’s frontman Eben says “This was me looking at somebody who felt out of place in the family. And they go on to be the crazies – and crazies change the world.”

Ready for it? Watch below!

Written by: Eben Johnson
Composed by: Eben Johnson

Eben Johnson: Vocals & Guitar
Vickram Kiran: Backing Vocals & Bass
Sachin Savio Dane: Drums & Percussion


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