Sound Avtar EP release – Monster on a Rope/ 1 UP

IndiEarth had the chance to catch up with Piyush Bhatnagar popularly known as Sound Avtar on his EP release.

IndiEarth: From Deaf Bass Twins to self moniker-ed to Mental Martians to Sound Avtar. How has the journey been?

Piyush: The journey has been both progressive and organic in a way. I have learned a lot over time and have grown as an artist. I’m a much learned / intellectual person and producer now than when I first started. The only thing that has kept me moving ahead was the pure undying love and dedication to make quality music. I believe good music can make or break a moment. We as musicians owe that much to the listeners.

Other than that, I have made friends with a lot of good people in the industry and a few loyal fans who have always supported my work. And I want to thank them for their constant love and support. As you know it’s a very organic process, you grow with time. Right now I’m working on some music projects for some big labels & artists and focusing on Djng all across the country. I will be playing at Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Pune on November 3rd this year along side various other artists.

IndiEarth: After a horde of smasher singles, now the EP. Tell us more about it.

Piyush: ‘Monster on a Rope/ 1 UP’ my new EP  was recently released on ‘Rub a Duck Recordings’. This is a bass heavy EP with two very powerful and moving tracks. The tracks have a lot of variations in the basslines and there are also the elements of 8 bit sounds, glitch and drum step in them. And besides that there are lots of melodic transitions in them. I’m sure that the audience will love this EP.

IndiEarth: When do you plan your full length album?

Piyush: I have no immediate plans for the album as of now and it will be some time before I start working on it. Right now I’m focusing on making Single’s, EP’s, official remixes for some huge artists and DJing. I might start working on my album next year or so. Currently I’m planning to collaborate with few other producers and make more music.

IndiEarth: Your early spinning days were in Jaipur. Do you still promote bass music there?

Piyush: I promote music where ever I go. I love to play in cities like Jaipur, Ahmedabad etc. I had a gig at Vizag last month. The best part about playing in these cities is that the audience really comes out just to see you perform. And that’s overwhelming. I really love to play there. It has always been a nice experience.

Jaipur is especially close to me and I love to play there!!

IndiEarth: So with 
Gangs of Wasseypur II can we expect more dubstep in Bollywood from you?

Piyush: Yes, of course. After Gangs of Wasseypur 2 in which I officially remixed the track “KKL” I have been approached for a couple of other Bollywood projects, however it’s too soon to say anything about them. You would definitely see more dubstep in Bollywood in coming years.

IndiEarth: Drum N Bass, Glitch or Dub Step? Your shout out to bass music fans.

Piyush: I produce Dubstep tracks that have a feel of both glitch and drum step to them. So it’s really hard to say which one I like most. I think it would be Dubstep, Drum& Bass and Glitch equally. Its music basically, if its good and you like it then genre doesn’t matter.

Listen to Monsters on a Rope/ 1 UP



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