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“He was obsessed with film­making. In fact he had no other interests. I’ll never forget how excited he was when ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’ was due for release. It was the month of April and he was working from early morning to late night in the hot deserts of Bikaner. He was a hard worker. He had the typical big hands of a worker and he had this bad habit of pulling out his nails, even that of his feet. Sometimes, they’d bleed. I tried to stop him, but in vain!”

The Indian actress of yore Mehtab Modi – wife of veteran actor/producer/director Sohrab Modi, fondly remembers her husband with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, tinged with melancholy at the fact that he is no more. Modi made significant contributions to the realm of Indian cinema and theatre – remembered best for his erstwhile efforts to preserve the dying art of theatre, as well as his dignified and eloquently grandiose on screen presence. The first film being screened at the upcoming edition of IndiEarth On Screen on Thursday June 12th will be Yash Chaudhary’s biography on the cinematic legend, titled Sohrab Modi.

St. Art Delhi

St. Art Delhi

The evening will then flow into the mellifluous melodies of Bengal with a film by renowned filmmaker Nripen Ganguli, titled Folk Songs of Bengal. This rare documentary showcases the colourful and varied landscape of different forms of folk music from all across Bengal. Ending the evening will be Akshat Nauriyal’s St. Art —  a short film documenting St. Art Delhi, an urban arts festival that will bring together Indian and International street artists for a month of murals, installations, graffiti and more, with the ultimate aim of promoting street art in India and providing a collaborative space for artists from around the globe.

The screenings will happen in three cities – in Chennai at Alliance Francaise of Madras, in Mumbai at The Hive, and in Bangalore at The Humming Tree.
So film lovers across the country — unite!

More details are available on the Facebook event page here.

Screening Schedule:

Date: 12th June – Thursday | Venue: Alliance Francaise of Madras, 24, College Rd, Nungambakkam, Chennai | Time: 8pm

Date: 12th June – Thursday | Venue: The Humming Tree, 12th Main Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore | Time: 8pm

Date: 12th June – Thursday | Venue: The Hive, 50 A Huma Mansion, Chuim Village Road, Khar West, Mumbai | Time: 8pm

Film 1:
Sohrab Modi | Director: Yash Chaudhary | Year: 1989 | Duration: 40 min | Genre: Biography
Film 2: Folk Songs of Bengal | Director: Nripen Ganguli | Duration: 27 min | Genre: Music
Film 3: St. Art | Director: Akshat Nauriyal |  Year: 2014 | Duration: 30 min | Genre: Art


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