Project Poorvaa: The Mystic Saint Arunagiri

The great mystic saint Arunagiri – a troubadour and poet from Tamil Nadu who lived during the 15th century – is hailed as the creator of the medieval Tamil literary masterpiece the Thiruppugazh, a book of poems in Tamil in praise of the Lord Muruga. His life is cloaked in a cocoon of mystery, with tales of devadasis and debauchery in his early years, and subsequent renunciation and absolute surrender to a life of spirituality, music, and poetry. Many of his poems he threw into the sea, others were preserved and have survived through the ages.poorva1

Project Poorvaa – ‘Arunagiri Perumale’ – is a musical documentary that explores the life of this enigmatic saint, through the lens of his most celebrated work Thiruppugazh. The project is currently in its creation stages, and has launched a Wishberry campaign to raise funds for its completion. “This is an ‘All or nothing campaign’ which means that we will receive the funds only if we reach or exceed our goal of 10 lakhs by Feb 19th – failing which, all the money will be refunded back to contributors,” says Pradeep Kumar, founder of the Poorvaa Project and a renowned independent musician from Chennai. “If you are inspired by our idea, please contribute and spread the word about this campaign among all your friends and well-wishers, so that together we can make this project a success.”

Poorvaa Productions has already produced and recorded a concert that features a selected eight poems from Thiruppugazh, with a 16-piece orchestra assembled in Boston, USA. One of the songs from this concert, titled Santhatham, was released as a single on YouTube – listen here. The Poorvaa team consists of Indian and American artists from different streams of the visual and performing arts, unveiling the stories of this mystic saint and placing his works in a contemporary context.

To contribute to the project visit:

For more information on Poorvaa, check out, or find them on Facebook and Twitter.


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