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Musical denim jackets. gloves that transform hand gestures to sound. Vegetables that play Massive Attack covers. Just a few of the more popular examples of how relatively recent innovations in digital and online technologies are rapidly revolutionizing the way music is performed by contemporary artists, with technology playing a leading role in allowing for innovations and sonic exploration never before possible. “Almost all aspects of music making has been impacted by technology: composition, production, recording, performance, distribution – virtually every aspect of the music making process” says musician/educator David Mash, senior VP for innovation, strategy and technology at Berklee College of Music, “Every musician needs to understand how to best use technology in some aspect of their career, to ensure their success”.

In a recent initiative, Berklee has partnered with EarthSync to present the second edition of the Berklee India Exchange – a series of clinics across India consisting of workshops, master-classes and panels presented by faculty from Berklee College of Music. This year’s edition focuses on the theme of music technology in music production and performance, with the aim of showcasing different insights into using technology as a means to develop one’s own ideas and musical performance. The clinics will be hosted by the Nathaniel School of Music, Bengaluru (June 12th and 13th , 2016) and KM College of Music & Technology Chennai (June 15th and 16th, 2016). Mash will be one of the highly distinguished members of the Berklee faculty conducting the clinics. David Mash

“I was already a successful music professional when the technology revolution of the 1980s began to change how we make music – so I was an early adopter as a way to increase my options to express myself musically” continues Mash, “I started using synthesizers in the 70s, and was already deep in the technology when microprocessors began to become available, and when MIDI was developed in 1983, I was ready to take advantage of all it could offer to composer/producer/performers like me”.

The comprehensive clinics will delve into various areas and concepts emerging within today’s digital music industry, providing students with a wide array of practical and theoretical skills. Mash will share his wealth of technical expertise and practical knowledge alongside his counterparts, a noteworthy lineup of speakers that also includes Emmy award winning composer Stephen Webber and Founder/Director of the Berklee Indian Ensemble Annette Philip. “We’ll explore all aspects of technology applications” says Mash, “Performance – how to use technology to enhance your instrumental capability, how to create great sounds, and how to better express yourself through the use of electronic musical instruments; composition – how do these tools aid the composition/orchestration processes; recording and production – how do these technologies allow us to record, produce, and edit our music; and how do we distribute and promote our music using today’s technology toolset?”

The clinics provide Indian musicians with the valuable opportunity to access international standard learning facilities, while also gaining insights into how to get acceptance into the world renowned Berklee music program. “Most music schools look for accomplishment, how well can the student perform some existing pieces of music. While we like to see some evidence of mastery, we are mostly looking for potential – what can this young person become? What unique musical personality do they possess and how can we help them to develop. So we ask our applicants to show us what they do best, who they are as musicians and creative people”.

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