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Roman Polanski to Cate Shortland, George Lucas to Pipilotti Rist – just a few of the many reputed filmmakers who have presented their works at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, one of the oldest international short film festivals in the world. Founded in 1954, the festival is one of the most significant international platforms for the short form and remains preserved as a slice of history in the evolution of the short, providing a space where it could continue to be nurtured. “Short film is a great first step for a budding filmmaker. That’s how I made my beginnings and Oberhausen was an important step on my path to become a Director,” says Roman Polanski about the festival. In the words of reputed documentary filmmaker Wim Wenders, “I smoked my first cigarette here. For years, I saw every single film at the Westdeutsche Kurzfilmtage, looking forward to those days in Oberhausen every year. These events were important for me, for my decision to become a filmmaker.”

The upcoming IndiEarth On Screen at the Goethe-Institut Chennai on Wednesday, 21st of January will showcase select films from the prestigious International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, starting with Edmund Jansons’ Choir Tour – a short animation that narrates a rather unique tale of a world famous boys’ choir. German actress/director Jasmine Ellis showcases her 4 minute film Plan B – diving briefly into the world of three young men, waiting for their laundry, while fellow German filmmaker Willy Hans’ Das Satanische Dickicht – EINS (The Satanis Thicket – ONE) investigates the mental mindsets of different members of the same family through a particularly unconventional approach and storyline. A young girl – the protagonist of Indian filmmaker Priyanka Chhabra’s A Summer Flu – reminisces fondly of a summer in Delhi, of afternoon siestas and turmeric laced milk – a truly poetic piece of cinema.Choir tour

Ending the evening is American filmmaker Mike Mills’ The Architecture Of Reassurance that follows a teen girl on her journey through middle class suburbia, and finally Till Nowak’s The Centrifuge Brain Project – a rather melancholy glimpse at the simple mundane lives of a couple who struggle with the TV programme and their espresso machine, while dragging on their daily routines and doing gymnastics in the backyard.

An unconventional selection of films that are rich in experimentation, and promise a truly engaging cinematic experience for Chennai – screenings start at 6:30 pm.

No.4, 5th Street, Rutland Gate, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006

Screening Schedule:

Choir Tour / Edmunds Jansons 
/ 5 min / English
 / Latvia / 

Plan B
 / Jasmine Ellis / 
4 min / English / 
Germany /

Das Satanische Dickicht – EINS (The Satanis Thicket – ONE)
 / Willy Hans / 
30 min / German (English subtitles) / 
Germany / 

A Summer Flu
 / Priyanka Chhabra
 / 17 min / English
 / India/ 

The Architecture of Reassurance
 / Mike Mills / 
24 min / English
 / USA / 2000

The Centrifuge Brain Project
 / Till Nowak / 
7 min / English
 / Germany / 


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