The IndiEarth Podcast – August 2014

A compilation of new sounds, artist interviews and conversations, music from the finest of independent talent – it’s all here. Just hit play.

Surfing the sound waves of ambient electronica this week, the IndiEarth podcast – hosted by Rohan Sen – will dive deep into a truly unique talent pool of artists from all around the country.

Delhi based SundogProject will take listeners through dream like soundscapes with their single Parhelion; Your Chin – the solo project of Sky Rabbit’s Raxit Tiwari – shares the second release from his EP Scatter Nature, titled Who Would Have Thought; serene musical textures come alive with Lifafa aka Suryakant of Peter Cat Recording Company; Audio Pervert takes you on a sonic trip with UHeld Me (DownLift).

Click below, to have a listen for yourself.

The Burning Deck – From Across the Valley

Klypp – Be

Lifafa – In Hi Ko

Your Chin – Who Would Have Thought

SundogProject – Parhelion

Audio Pervert – UHeld Me (DownLift)

Gumbal – Albatross

Beon – Awake

Hashback Hashish – Moonlight Sun

Vacious – Inara

Disco Puppet – Teacher Destroyer


IndiEarth is an online B2B platform that connects India’s non-mainstream independent Musicians and Filmmakers to worldwide Media. The platform features a blog, offers value-added services and wider opportunity networks through its partnerships. IndiEarth is an EarthSync Initiative.

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