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Through the years, fans have seen bands changing their image, names and genres. A transition that is, in any creative field, but a natural progress. And the Indie scene in India saw one of the country’s favorite “jam-bands”, Something Relevant, do just that.

BaycityLights4The band, with the line-up still intact, now goes by the name Baycity Lights – a name that blends surprisingly well with their new sound. What exactly is Baycity Lights’ new genre like? “It’s a very different sound. More laid back. Something Relevant was very ‘in your face’ and very high-energy. Very junglee. *laughs* Baycity Lights is very Rn’B, Soul… Hip-Hop now.” says the band’s saxophonist, Ryan Sadri.

Early November saw Baycity Lights’ first gig in Bangalore as part of their debut tour at the Hard Rock Cafe. While people got a preview of their new sound with the virtual release of their track ‘Glued’, the show at HRC introduced fans to a wider spectrum of the band’s new venture.

As a hardcore Something Relevant fan, it wasn’t hard for me to notice the shift in their music. What surprised me was the ease with which their new sound hit me. They performed with a fluency that not only comes with experience, but also with the art of working in harmony. The rapport the band had with each other was inevitable.

BaycityLights3Although a short gig, it didn’t stop people from hopping onto their feet – number after number. Undeniably smooth vocals tied the entire gig in very well. And Stuart DaCosta’s rap bridges definitely added an element of fun.

With their emergence as a brand new band on the Indie music scene, are they nervous? “Yeah, we totally feel like a new band. It’s fresh. And evolves the more we get to know each other. I’m definitely scared. But our collective confidence is awesome. So we’re taking it as it comes.” chimes Stuart DaCosta.

All in all, with the brief preview, I look forward to Baycity Lights’ album. And while Something Relevant will be missed, the band’s effortless transition has me excited for what’s to come.


BaycityLights1 BaycityLights5


You can listen to ‘Glued’ on the Baycity Lights’ Sound Cloud page.
Photo courtesy: Baycity Lights and photographer Sohrab Nicholson.
Images taken at the Hard Rock Café Andheri, Bombay

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