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Siddharth Basrur

A single strum was all it took to capture the undivided attention of the crowd – a crowd of Chennai city’s musicians and music aficionados gathered around in a cozy semi circle in the middle of The Park Chennai. In the midst of all the attention was The Siddharth Basrur Band, who took centre stage this past weekend for the third edition of IndiEarth At The Park. The evenings are dedicated to colouring Chennai’s musical landscape with diversity and quality music.

“It was definitely one of the best gigs I’ve played with this band”, says Siddharth about performing in Chennai at IndiEarth At The Park. The band features a highly talented line up of musicians including Anurag Shanker on guitar and backing vocals, Adil Kurwa on bass, and Vaibhav Wavikar on drums. “We usually play a heavier, electric set and what we did at The Park was a stripped down version of our songs” Siddharth told IndiEarth. The band has plans to record an EP or an album the coming summer, consisting of older, unreleased material and new material that the band has written together.

Next to take to the Leather Bar console was Your Chin – the solo project of Sky Rabbit front man Raxit Tewari. “It was my first time in Chennai as Your Chin”,  said Raxit, who performed with his band at this past IndiEarth XChange, “it was also the first time I was playing the Scatter Nature EP anywhere”. The gig kick started Raxit’s tour around the country aimed at promoting his second four track EP Scatter Nature, released earlier this year.

“Your Chin is basically a production project for me. It’s a place where I sit down and ideate on a computer and write 4-5 odd minute tunes. I’m using a couple of controllers along with a mic and a computer to trigger all the stems and lines while singing on them in portions”. Chennai audiences were receptive to the synths and popped up percussion – a sound that was as unique as it was danceable. “Chennai has had some great music coming out of it for a while but not many legit places to showcase it. I think IndiEarth is literally like a beacon right now for this awesome scene. It’s also great that it provides a platform for so many different sounds from all over the country and world to come out and play”.

“Gigs like the one we played at The Park definitely do a lot to encourage the scene”, said Siddharth, “very few people do it for the sake of the scene, without ulterior motives. More gigs, more promotions, more exposure, would be the only way to go to help foster an independent music culture in the country”.

Your Chin - Raxit Tewari

Your Chin – Raxit Tewari

Check out all the photos from the wild night right here.


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