IMZ SPEAKS: Independent Indian Films at WOMEX 2013

With WOMEX 2013 fast approaching, we caught up with International Music + Media Centre (IMZ), the expo’s core film partner – 12 years running. Project manager Tatiana Petkova speaks about IMZ projects, Indian independent cinema at WOMEX, and expectations out of India this year:

IndiEarth: Please tell us a little about IMZ’s work. Examples of current and forthcoming projects.
Tatiana: The IMZ is a non-profit organisation based in Vienna. Our approx. 150 members are companies and individuals involved in the production and dissemination of music and dance in the audio-visual media.

The IMZ, being the largest body in the audio-visual field, participates at and organises various events for its members in order to provide communication and business opportunities for the players of the industry.


Tatiana and Katharina of IMZ

Major upcoming events are various music film festivals in the summer: a two months festival in front of Vienna’s City Hall, the biggest event of it’s kind worldwide; same format in Jekaterinburg, Russia; Iasi, Romania; San Marino.

The IMZ will also participate with film screenings and its own stand at trade fairs: the upcoming second edition of Classical:NEXT (Vienna); followed by the international TV festival ITF Golden Prague (Pargue, Czech Republic); IMZ World Music Film Screenings at WOMEX 2013 (Cardiff, UK).

For 2014 the IMZ is preparing a brand new set up of the major IMZ event – the Avant Première Screenings – for the first time in Berlin in the frame of the annual film festival Berlinale.

IndiEarth: IMZ’s take on Indian independent cinema in the present scenario.
Tatiana: As a non-profit organisation it is essential for the IMZ to stay close to the independent markets and players. Having IndiEarth as a partner is in deed a fruitful synergy for the IMZ to get a better insight and explore the Indian and Asian markets. Huge information flows have the side effect that it is rather difficult to obtain good quality news about the developments of this exciting segment, aside of the Bollywood blockbusters. This is exactly the spot the IMZ wants to engage at in order to open up new working fields and approach potential partners.

IndiEarth: IMZ’s involvement and interest in engaging with Indian filmmakers.
Tatiana: The cooperation in the scope of the upcoming WOMEX is a welcome and very valuable opportunity to get in touch with Indian film makers and get familiar with their works. In times of difficult economical circumstances, especially in the field of world music on film, and the available resources being rather limited it is nevertheless essential to be present, stay active and learn about important developments happening in this part of the world.

IndiEarth: How big or small an opportunity it is for a film to be screened at WOMEX? What is the extent of IMZ’s association with WOMEX?
Tatiana: IMZ is happy to announce that there is indeed a screening slot reserved for the Indian input. We are very curious to watch all the applications. As always it will surely not be an easy decision to chose the one or two productions to be screened, because, as experience shows, there are always more interesting and thrilling submissions then slots available.

As to the film screenings and the IMZ co-operation with WOMEX, the IMZ is proud of a 12 years successful partnership. The screenings were initiated in 2001 and have developed ever since from a small additive to a separate and actually indispensable format, completing the versatile programme at the trade fair.

IndiEarth: What are IMZ’s expectations on films from the Indian territory?
Tatiana: The main expectations are related to the discovery of unknown talents, topics, contents and musical experiences. In one word we are looking forward to experiencing the inputs of creativity with an unfamiliar and grabbing optic as well as approach – basically new ways of storytelling in the field of music.



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