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Get to know Nikhil Joseph:

Formerly in an IT company (with their Games Division), music had always been a passion for me. So much so, that I had friends calling me to ask about names of songs that they heard somewhere. I was basically Shazam without any loyalties. I do wish I stuck with my piano lessons; knowledge of an instrument brings out a deeper appreciation to every aspect of music as a whole.

I love all kinds of genres, leaning towards the EDM spectrum. I collect music and always try to look out for new sounds/big hits for my friends and myself.

The New Indian Express is an English language newspaper with it’s presence in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Orissa, covering news in  Entertainment, Cricket, Business and Lifestyle. Indulge is a weekly luxury lifestyle supplement of The New Indian Express with the latest on where to eat, drink, shop and party in your city.

My review on IndiEarth Artists:

kalyani 3.5starscopy
Nipun Nair – Kalyani Funk
The track description states it best as the song delivers a very positive and energetic tempo with this fusion of Rock and Indian Classical. The transition from the guitar solo (reminded me of the styles of Bon Jovi in the 90’s) into the accompaniment is my favorite part of the track.
pratigya 5.stars
Pratigya – Tarse Naina

Off the bat I have to say, I’d be very surprised if this song isn’t playing on the radio in the near future. I looked for a download option, just so I could actually have this song play while I drive in traffic. The vocals are hauntingly beautiful and moving that you do find yourself tearing up a bit. The entire song has such emotion packed into it and the end just keeps you wanting to hear it over and over!
lagori 5.stars
Lagori – Boom Shankar
Over the last couple of years, I have come to know and love the music of Talavya. Led by Pandit Divyang Vakil, this ensemble has gone from strength to strength dishing out high-spirited performances that reveal the true nature of the Tabla. Rela Excerpt is a meditative composition by Panditji that shifts from soaring heights and back down to a more meditative state bringing to life the emotions of the instrument.
taan 3.5starscopy
Taan – Bhairavi Grooves
The very calm start to the song till about the 1st minute is very deceptive, as the song transitions out of this one tune into a catchy guitar tone and beat. Easy listening that brings a smile to your face.
tatva 4.stars
Tatva Kundalini – Durga
The Indian flute is almost like the “bait” on a fishing line and the vocals is the “line” that slowly draws you further into t he song. Loved it!
aditya 4.stars
Aditya Pathak – The Malhaar Lounge
This song almost makes me wish it rained right now, just so I can have that in the back ground here. Regardless the song does bring that amazing clam and paints a beautiful picture with sounds/spoken words. The mention of the Pakora’s hit home, since it was always something for when it rained.
mandolinprakash 3.5starscopy
Mandolin Prakash – Funkernatic
The Indian flute is almost like the “bait” on a fishing line and the vocals is the “line” that slowly draws you further into t he song. Loved it!
sanjay 4.stars
Rajalakshmee Sanjay/ Sanjay. C – Hare Krishna
I would listen to this at the end of the day to unwind or during a meditation session.  Relaxing vibrations of all the instruments and trans-like vocals sets you on a journey “for the mind”. Your imagination is taken through past memories and emotions.
khambir 3.5starscopy
Kambhir Khan – Kesariya
I forget how rich our country is in music culture and this song definitely reminds me of that fact.  A very hypnotic snake charm sound that is very entertaining.
emergence 4.stars
Emergence – So Full
The lyrics and the vocals (in both languages) of the singers is a stands out throughout the song. For someone who doesn’t speak Tamil, you don’t miss the true emotion of the song as the English part does a brilliant in that department.

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