IndiEarth XChange 2013 – Music Showcases

In just a matter of days, Chennai will be privy to a sonic palette quite unlike any other. In our next sneak peak of what’s to come this IndiEarth XChange, we’ll give you a taste (and a listen) of some of the musicians that will be showcasing their sounds at this year’s festival. Our musical medley is a blend of both emerging, new talent as well as established acts – from different corners of India and the world, from different walks of life, from different musical genres – but all with the same unified vision of independent expression.

Songwriter / producer / visual artist J.Viewz was born in Israel, but later in life found himself in the buzzing metropolis that is New York City. His sounds often involve a mellifluous mélange of samples and soaring soundscapes that take you to times, places and spaces that physically, you know you’ve never been to before – but somehow manage to bring about a certain sense of nostalgia, and longing. A sense of familiarity – while simultaneously taking you on journeys to unexplored sonic territory. He will be performing at the XChange on Sunday, December 9th, at 11:15 PM in Sansara.

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Cut into the underbelly of the emerging Indian alternative rock scene and we find slices of a fine blend of cutting edge young artists, emerging with new sounds and new ideas – and searching for the right outlets in the country. Acts like electro rock band Sky Rabbit from Mumbai and psychedelic alt rock band The Bicycle Days are quickly gaining ground within the indie music circuit, while Chennai rockers Skrat continue to speak out and speak their mind with quirky lyrics set to undeniably catchy choruses and powerful angsty guitar riffs. Calcutta based PINKNOISE continue to experiment with nu jazz and electronica influences, Anthony Dassan (Anthony in Party) invigorates his audiences with pulsating traditional South Indian folk sounds, while Shaa’ir and Func continue to play to the crowds with their brand of indie electronica – garnering truckloads of fans along their journey. All these acts will be up close, live and personal at the XChange.

The eclectic electronica line up for the festival will dive headfirst into the offbeat – though staying decidedly on beat will be acts like renowned Berlin based producer Robot Koch; Australian based DJ Astro Black; the punk rock, reggae, and Maloya sounds of Psychorigid from Reunion Island featuring Audio Pervert (IN); DJ/Producer Nucleya (IN), and the minimal tech sounds of Hashback Hashish (IN).

From beyond borders and across oceans will be a sea of international musicians –from Tritonik and their distinct sounds of Mauritian blues, to French acts like Success and French Cowboy and the One, while musicians like Christine Salem from Reunion Island will add her signature touch of traditional Maloya music. World music/electronic collective Business Class Refugees (IL/IN) – Kartick and Gotam – will collaborate with Indian musicians for a vibrant, electrifying performance featuring souls and sounds from all around the world.

Of course, this is just a taste of what is to come –  so much more music in store! The entire music line up can accessed here.

Have a listen to all the artists below:


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