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Pune and Bombay calling! As the next edition of IndiEarth On Screen quickly approaches this Thursday April 10th, we have good reason to celebrate with two new venues jumping onboard the cinematic bandwagon. Introducing – The Flour Works, Pune, and The Hive, Mumbai.

The Flour Works is a quaint little bakery and café in Pune run by Meeta Makhecha. “As of now we do Shamiana screenings and we put up art work by independent artists,” says Meeta, “the idea is to encourage independent artists to grow and we offer whatever encouragement we can”. The collaboration with IndiEarth is something Meeta – a movie lover herself – is particularly excited about. “Movies excite us. Often it is a break from reality and often it is a strong dose of reality,” she says, “I see this collaboration bringing exciting movies into our lives and lives of people who are our patrons”.

Wives and Wives

A still from Wives and Wives

Meanwhile, down at The Hive, Mumbai, venue partner Sudeip Nair has co-created a unique performance space that encourages experimental work and artists from different disciplines. “The Hive was set up to facilitate focused pursuits involving the arts”, he told IndiEarth, “We’ve been involved right from the start with providing up and coming artists with platforms to showcase their work. That’s always been at the core of our philosophy at The Hive – as it’s the most crucial point in any artist’s journey to sustain their passion for the arts”.

The evening of cinema will begin with a piece titled Wives and Wives – an animation short directed by Pramod Pati that rather humorously depicts the ‘modern Indian bachelor’ circa 1960 visiting a marriage bureau to select his bride of choice – more specifically, a good housewife. The next film – young director Krishand’s short film titled Mombattiyaan – is a fictitious drama depicting several different characters, each with their own unique back stories and nefarious pasts, whose paths intertwine in the shadow of the Delhi rape incident. The final film of the evening is award winning director Nishtha Jain’s City of Photos – a film that takes an intimate glance at the neighbourhood photo studios of Indian cities, where “desires, memories and stories, all so deeply linked to the photographic experience, come together as part of a personal journey into the city of photos”. The Alliance Francaise of Madras will be hosting the Chennai screening, while the good folks at The Humming Tree will play host to Bangalore’s edition.


Three films that promise three vastly different viewing experiences. With more venues coming onboard and joining IndiEarth On Screen’s vision to showcase independent cinema across the country, the mission is for these works to reach wider audiences in India. So come show your support this April 10th in your city!

Screening Schedule:

Date: 10th April – Thursday /Venue: Alliance Francaise of Madras, 24, College Rd, Subba Road Avenue, Nungambakkam, Chennai. Time: 8pm

Date: 10th April – Thursday /Venue: The Humming Tree, 12th Main Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore  Time: 8pm

Date: 10th April – Thursday /Venue: The Hive, 50 A Huma Mansion, Chuim Village Road, Khar West, Mumbai  Time: 8pm

Date:  10th April – Thursday /Venue: The Flour Works, Nirvana, Commercial 3, North Avenue, (Between ICICI Bank and Jogger’s Park) Kalyani Nagar, Pune  Time: 8pm

Film 1 –  Wives and Wives
 (IN) Filmmaker: Pramod Pati / 3 min / Language: English / 1962 (colour)
Genre: Short, Animation

Film 2 –  Mombattiyaan (IN) Filmmaker: Krishand / 25 min / Language: Hindi (English subtitles) / 2013 Genre: Short, Fiction, Drama

Film 3 – City of Photos (IN) Filmmaker: Nishtha Jain / 59 min / Language: English, Hindi, Bengali (English subtitles)
Genre: Society, documentary

More details available on the Facebook events page here.



IndiEarth is an online B2B platform that connects India’s non-mainstream independent Musicians and Filmmakers to worldwide Media. The platform features a blog, offers value-added services and wider opportunity networks through its partnerships. IndiEarth is an EarthSync Initiative.

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